But I’m your Ross!

All great love stories comes with memorable characters. The benchmark of a great lover has always been Romeo. And now, I would like to share another love story; my love stories.

Up till now, I had 3 great loves. My first love was a boy who couldn’t care less about anything other than himself. My second love was a boy who was gentle and caring and one of the most romantic person I’ve ever met. My third love is to the man who is now the father of my beautiful children.

My first love was like the wind. He was unpredictable, never wanted to admit anything, so full of himself… But I loved him. I adored his confidence and discipline. He was not good looking but his personality attracts me like a magnet. Ask any of my friends and they could easily tell you that he was one arrogant person. Yet, there were moments… Moments where I could feel my heart just burst with fireworks. With him, action speaks louder than words. After he left for his studies, he ended our relationship with a huge bang. I was hurt. It was painful.

The second story comes out like a Nicholas Spark’s novel. I have known him since we were 12. I have been eying him since I was 12. We only got together when we were 22. We share the same sentiments towards life. We even love the same TV shows! He was my Ross and I could’ve been his Rachel. Unfortunately, the fairy tale ended as soon as it begun. I was the villain in this story. I broke his heart when I told him I couldn’t go on with the long distance relationship. It was a test. A test to see if he would fight back to keep the relationship. A test to see if he goes against his nature to say ‘no’ to me. He failed. I broke my own heart this time.

When I met Abu, I never thought I would end up marrying him. He is the middle character of both previous boys. He is generous but arrogant. He is disciplined but gentle as well. He is just perfect.

The point of the story is that some people have all the luck marrying their first love, and some people had to endure heartbreaks to find happiness. I never regret falling in and out of love. It was a privilege to go through the experience with such adverse personalities. I did not end up with my Ross. I married my Mr Darcy instead.

Mommy why? Meena No!

Sekarang ni saya nak berkongsi cerita sikit lah pasal perkembangan anak-anak dara saya yang berdua itu.

Setelah menjangkau umur 3 tahun, Khadeeja semakin kurang membuat perangai. It is true about the ‘terrible two’ phase. It came, it conquered, it phased out on its own. I was happy when I realized she’s suddenly a lot friendlier and approachable towards everyone else other than us. She also became less pemalu and now willing to sing and dance in front of her Nenek. She also started telling us she wants to go to school. Ikuti perbualan kami;

Deeja: Mommy! I want to go to sukul (school) tomorrow for 10 minutes.

Aku: Waaat? 10 minutes only? Tapi sekarang orang tengah cuti school la Deeja.

Deeja: Bukan ‘school’ la mommy… SOOKOOL!

Setelah habis fasa temper tantrum Deeja, si Meena la pulak yang start fasa ‘umban-barang’. She throws anything and everything she can get hold of when she’s not happy. And she’s not happy most of the time. Ada jak benda yang dia tidak puas hati. Travelling with her is not easy as well. Kalau naik kapal terbang, kami berharap, pray to God, she sleeps thru the flight. If not, even a 5 minutes drive from home to kedai runcit pun jadi satu penyiksaan kepada driver dan tukang pegang. Tekan aircon, tarik wiper, tekan radio, panjat ke belakang, panjat ke depan… etc.. Sekarang aksi yang terbaru, dia buat gear kereta tu macam microphone. Sigh… Apa pun karenah nya, 1000 times rela lagi aku dia temper tantrum daripada go thru another set of teething!


Misconception of the word ‘ALIM’

The word ‘ALIM’, in Arabic, means ‘the one who knows’. It came from the root word ‘ILM’ which means knowledge.

When you say a person is ‘ALIM’, it usually connotes someone who acquired true knowledge of Islam.

Take this instance;

A: Apasal tak ajak member kau tengok wayang sekali?

B: Tak boleh bawak la dia tu. Alim sangat!

A: Oh! Dia memang tak masuk cinema la ek?

B: Bukan! Dia tengok wayang jugak, tapi nanti semua benda dia complain, kata tak Islamic. From baju to the storyline dia akan komen.

In my humble opinion, orang yang berilmu ni kurang berkata-kata, especially kalau benda tu tidak mendatangkan faedah. Tidak semestinya orang yang tidak bertudung tu tak sembahyang. Tidak semestinya orang yang bertudung tu dijamin masuk syurga. Nowadays, you can’t really tell which person prays more or which person knos more by looking at their appearance.

Moral of the story, if a person criticize about how other people dresses or act, doesn’t make them ‘ALIM’. We call those type of people ‘JUDGMENTAL’.


Balik sini lah!

It was good, but not reader friendly.

A  lot of you, good readers complained about how you are having difficulty to access Ziahlicious the III . So, we are back here, for your convenience. And since I’m a narcissist, I love people giving praises and comments on watever it is I’m writing about. So now, I just need to figure out a way on how to upload those crazy videos of my kids dancing and singing for free.

I will be posting some of my posts from Ziahlicious the III here.

Welcome back to me and to you!