When talking is not an option…

… and standing up is almost impossible!

It hasn’t been that long since I gave birth to Ameena but I completely forgot how the first trimester went. This time around is really, really horrifying. Up to the point where every time I open my mouth only to barf and the only way to not fall down is to stay down.

I also have this weird hatred towards my laptops or any other electrical gadgets. The only reason I’m doing this today is because of pending work that needs to be done. I’m not sure if this will break the ‘curse’ off but I’m pretty sure I won’t be seeing my laptop again for another week or so. The only electrical thing that I like is the TV set. Don’t even try to call me on my mobile because I will not answer. Again, that might contribute to the fact that vomit comes out everytime I open my mouth.

Puasa? Tried and almost fainted. The girls? Thank God for family support. My mom and sister been entertaining them a lot. Cravings? None for now.

I hope this nausea goes away soon. Otherwise I’ll be a size 8 from a size 14 before you kno it… SIGH… I shall stop whining now.

xox: naziah

7 thoughts on “When talking is not an option…

  1. ida says:

    ziah, selamat maju jaya tau. semoga bby ni bakal jadi anak yg soleh, dpt semua pengorbanan mommy nih! Amin! take care okeh!

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