Lama betul!

Salam Ramadhan, Selamat Hari Merdeka, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Selamat Hari Malaysia, Selamat Harijadi… etc…

Consider that said in one long breath!

I don’t actually kno what to write today, so let’s make a list of things that I could remember, that needed to be shared;

  • Raya was fantastic! We had a blast in Kuantan with family and great food.
  • I haven’t seen any ob/gyn for this pregnancy. Still deciding on a good time to go back and see my gynae in Sunway.
  • Yes, I am planning on giving birth in Sunway. ETA will be 20th March 2011. So we should be back in Sunway by end of January 2011.
  • Khadeeja and Ameena are doing well. Growing up fast, healthy and naughty. I am ‘this’ close on getting my black belt for gusti referee. Hari-hari gerenti ada pergaduhan in the house.
  • Business is going slow and steady.

Seriously, I have nothing else to share for now. My daily routine consists of moving from the bed, to the couch and to the floor. I promise I will update more once I get the energy to think outside of the box!

xox: Naziah

3 thoughts on “Lama betul!

  1. cat says:

    i/we ish misch youuuussss….

    anyways, i saw the word “Franch” hahahaha, at the back of a bus the other day. By the time I found my phone to snap a pic, it sped away. How rude!

    anyway, here’s the website : …some sorta herbal oil.
    pls turn up the volume. it has some nice new agey music which will drive you up several walls after 24seconds.

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