Shleepy and shmelly

I is very drowsy from the flu tablet but I is fighting the shleepiness…

Am planning to go back to KL for a few days for my baby checkup. Yes, I haven’t done it yet. And no, I’m not unexcited (is this a word?), about the pregnancy. I just am very picky about who gets to see my vah-jay-jay. So since the same doctor delivered the previous 2, why bother trying to overcome the shyness with a new doctor?! Watever it is, the trip will be only 4 days without the chicas. Just mom and dad going to KL…

I can’t share anything particular about the pregnancy, but wat I can tell you lovely people is; the baby is kickin’ in the tummy. That’s a good sign. My back hurts like someone swung a baseball bat to it and I pee every hour but hey! Who’s complaining? Heh…

This time around, I have a LOT of cravings. Especially for meaty stuff like grilled lamb chops or beef burger. And not to mention those beautiful Baskin Robbins ice cream. FYI, I don’t like ice creams at all. Not a big fan. But this few weeks I’ve been dreaming about BK ice creams. Craysee pregnancy hormone.

The worst part of this pregnancy is, I smell like a boy 24/7. Is that a sign that the person renting my womb is a dude?
Maybe… Maybe not… Will let you kno once I kno.


3 thoughts on “Shleepy and shmelly

  1. saya harap dan rasa anak dalam kandungan anda ialah lelaki. dan saya tau anda juga mahukan anak lelaki kali ini bukan? kenapa ayat saya macam karangan bahasa melayu PMR pun saya tidak mengetahuinya.

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