Okay people! We have work to do!!!

I need names!

I’m out of ideas on this. So I’m putting this onto you people, to find me a good name for this girl.

Yes, it’s a girl! Call ’em The Powerpuff Girls, or the Halliwell sisters, or even the Kardashians. No words of comfort needed, as I am really glad it’s a girl. I wouldn’t kno how to handle a boy. One dude in the house is more than a handful.

So put out all the efforts and let’s get this girl a name!

7 thoughts on “Okay people! We have work to do!!!

  1. Mommy aniq says:

    1) adeena=good luck, pious
    3)Nyla=winner achiever
    4)Nazneen= beautiful
    5)Nadyne =flower
    7)ajwa= name of date, tree planted by nabi muhammad s.a.w

  2. I think girls names are harder to decide than boys! I know you like classic arabic names (like me) bcoz of Khadeeja & Ameena, so I suggest Haifa, Syaima’, Widad πŸ™‚

    p.s. Don’t rely too much with the names you find on the internet eventhough they claim it comes with certain meanings. I checked with experts in the language and more than half I liked does not have meanings! Punah harapan… hahaha…

  3. I agree with Pyerudz’s suggestions (seeing that your girls do have a theme going on with their names.InsyaAllah, semoga kedua-duanya menjadi muslimah sejati.Amin)

    I think ‘Maryam’ is the most suitable.Think of the great initials too ANKAM (yours and Abu combined with the girls) and spelled backwards, it’s MAKNA!

    …gile aku takde keje lain tapi main ngan initial nama orang.Haih.

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