Stalking Takuya Kimura part 4…

It is currently 8.03am in KK. The flight to KL is at 7pm, and the connecting flight to Osaka is at 11.35pm.

I’M BLOODY EXCITED! No, I haven’t started packing. yes, I’m THAT lazy. I still have a few things to get (medicines for the girls, travel converter… etc). Finally took out the bags. That’s a big achievement already. If my mom knew I haven’t packed anything yet, she would kill me (“ini bukan nya macam kau mau balik KL, semua barang ada di ruma mu! Mau jalan jauh pun masih malas jugak!”). Heheheheh…

Will be spending around 11 days in Osaka and Tokyo. Can’t wait to be back in Harajuku with all those funky stuff that I couldn’t possibly fit for now. Khadeeja kept telling us she’s going to Disneyland (when asked “Disneyland tu di mana?”, she answered, “di situ situ jugak!”). Ameena only goes with the flow. Excited to see the bags out but she thinks we are going back to KL. Now I’m contemplating whether to bring along my laptop or not. It’ll definitely take up some space in my luggage. Sigh… I’ll just bring the iPad and hope that the hotels offers free wifi.

So my frens, wait for my update (as I promised my sister that I would do a DAILY minute-by-minute travel journal for her). In the meantime, selamat jalan Malaysia, youkoso Nippon!

xox: Nana Kimura 🙂

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