Yasin Cover

No… Bukan untuk tempahan… Sendiri mau buat untuk orang yang nak bertunang next week. I tried ordering but everyone shot me down because it’s less than 3 weeks. So I figured, why not do it myself, ey?! Since I’m all pregnant and resting at home… Heh…

Kepada yang berminat mau buat sendiri Yasin Cover for door gifts, it’s not that difficult but it’s costly especially if we don’t kno where to get cheap papers. I get my supplies from Papier @ The Curve. I heard Emma K @ Bangsar Village have lovely wrapping papers as well. Since papers at Papier are imported and mahal, I combined it with cheap sugar paper from Popular bookstore. And there are a few items/gadgets that is ESSENTIAL for this project such as rotary cutter and shape cutters if you want to do some fancy shapes with the paper. Luckily, I have a few stuff I kept in my collections so I don’t have to buy anything but papers this time around.

Bahan-bahan yang anda perlukan:


Wrapping paper for the cover (if you use plain colored paper, you can put fancy paper or ribbons as the embelishments)

Double tape (BANYAK!)


As for the final touch to personalized the Yasin cover, some people print out the wordings (‘majlis bertunang’, ‘majlis aqiqah’…etc…). I made stickers for this occasion because I don’t have a printer available for the time being. Just go to one of those stalls which does personalized name stickers, and choose the biggest size they have. The biggest setback is that they only have silver or gold sticker and it will only be printed in black.

Step by step cara buat:

After I measure the background size for the cover and cut 100 pieces (since I did 100 pieces of Yasin cover), I punch the fancy paper using my Martha Stewart edge cutter for the embelishment. You can use ribbons or lace also. Easier but more expensive tho.

After that, I cut the strips using my faithful rotary cutter! I really really like this thing… Heh…

I used double tape and glue to stick the fancy paper to the plain background. If you plan to use cloth type material, I suggest you use glue gun to stick it on the cover. Glue gun is available in most kedai jual barang hantaran or you can try Mydin.

Use a lot of double tape to stick the fancy cover to the Yasin cover. Since it’s handmade, don’t worry about it being crooked and senget. That’s the beauty of handmade stuff. Heh…

´╗┐Stick the personalized wordings on to the cover and the back of the cover. I think, this wold be nicer if the ‘Surah Yasin’ is printed in jawi.

And lastly, in accordance to your preferences as well, put the Yasin inside a bag (I used organza bags yang boleh didapati bersepah-sepah di kedai buat hantaran and Mydin also).

TADA!!! That’s it… You can do a lot more designs actually. My next Yasin cover project will be for my baby cukur jambul and aqiqah. I will put up pictures once it’s done. If you want to see more designs or ideas for this project, google ‘Yasin Cover’ or you can go to facebook and checkout ‘Dear Azalea’. They have nice personalized stationaries there.

Sekian dan selamat mencuba.

Should we be excited?

American Idol 10 will start next week. I am more excited about watching how Steve Tyler would fare as a judge than trying to figure out which contestant will win the title this year.

As for J Lo, I foresee she’ll be the sober version of Paula Abdul. But AI won’t be the same without my beloved Mr Cowell. I shall miss his tight nipple inducing t-shirts and his weird looking top-hat haircut.

Whatever it is, I will make it a point to sit in front of the tv every week and watch how the understudy beats the deserving hopeful for the title…

xox: Naziah