Gatal tanganku…


Bedrest or house arrest will never be able to stop me once I have my laptop on. This is why I usually purposely hide my laptop charger…

Sudah lamaaaaaaa (seriously… no joke…. ) I haven’t been shopping online for anything but iTunes card. Let alone buying any luxury items for meself. But today… today, my friends, my mood was bad, temper flaring up, and body temperature was higher than a tiger in heat, I saw the bag. Some might not understand it, and boys will roll their eyes, but it’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

So after half a day playing the ‘to-buy-or-not-to-buy’ game, I found a great excuse to buy the bag online. This bag is my gift to meself for the doing the whole 9 months of pregnancy again. Good alasan eh? Pak Abu will beg to differ, but I do not care!!! So now, I wait patiently, for the bag to arrive… Hehehehehe…

6 thoughts on “Gatal tanganku…

  1. Haha takpe… plus, the le pliage is super comfy anyway. Not the kinda bag you buy and just dump in the cupboard 😉

    Makes a good baby bag jugak… another good reason!

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