Top 11 again…

Today’s theme: Sir Elton John

Scotty: He sings like a pro country crooner! We love him!

Naima: Err… This is AMERICAN Idol. Not Jamaican Idol. Too much of something is not that good. She just needs to sing for now. Sing the song as it was intended to be sung. Weird… It was just weird.

Paul: ooOooo! I like his flowery suit. His performance was ok but very forgettable. I’m bored. Bored… Zzzzzz!

Pia: She can sing but I’m seriously bored with her already. It’s more of; *yawn! So she can sing*, instead of *wow! She can sing!*.

Stefano: Good… Good… Not giving him the standing ovation but at least better than last week.

Lauren: I think I have a problem with my ears today. Everything sounded so blah and yet, the judges are saying good thinga about the performance. Another ok performance from Lauren. Yawn…

James: Ok… Not my ears. I just prefer rock n roll than ballads. I love you James! Rock on!!!

Thia: Arrrghhh!!! Not another ballad!!!!

Casey: Biasness alert. What was wrong with America last week?!!! He is awesome. Awe-so-me!!!!

Jacob: Take a notch down Blackdiva! Learn something from Casey.

Haley: Omg! Sexy!!! Super sexy!!!! I love it!

Bottom 3 for me, Naima, Paul, Stefano.

Who’s going home? Err… Naima and Stefano.

Mati kutu, dunno what to do!

Ini adalah sunglass kegemaran saya:

Ianya sangat istimewa sebab ianya adalah Special Edition Ray Ban yang boleh di lipat-lipat seperti berikut:

Dan sekarang, lensa sebelah kanan sunglass special kegemaran saya ini telah TERCALAR. Iskiskisk…

Siapakah yang bertanggungjawab? Adakah tangan-tangan kecil yang bikin sunglass special kegemaranku ini tercalar? Ataupun sendiri punya salah letak dalam beg bercampur dengan kunci kereta? Maka, dengan ini, kita tutup saja lah kes ini dengan a big fat SIGH…



The best episode since forever! – Top 11

Seriously. And for that, I’m not gonna comment on each performances.

I loved Haley’s performance. It was super-sultry. I didn’t enjoy Pia’s and Thia’s. Not that they didn’t do well. But it was just too predictable.

Not gonna start on my favourite caveman. *heart*…

So who’s going home? Since everyone was good, I’m afraid Haley might get booted out because she doesn’t do this good thing on a weekly basis… Sigh…

Top 12 – as it goes

Am doing this as the show goes.

Naima – People need to learn that you cannot do a Tina Turner if you are not Tina Turner. It was just terrible because she was trying too hard to be better than Tina Turner. She’s not going home yet but this will put her in a dangerous spot.

Paul – Errr… Was he suffering from sore throat or something? IMO, if he sang it without all those pitchy notes, it would’ve been a good performance. Not good for Paul to be too ambitious.

Thia – Of all great Disney songs, she sang the boringest (word of the day by Marina and Cat) song. Bottom 3. But still safe, I think.

James – The song choice is fabulous! Very brave to sing that song. I loooooveee it!!!! Love love love love it!!!!

Haley – Why is she still in the competition?

Stefano – This boy can sing! The dark horse for this season. Impressive…

Pia – As expected, she sang a Whitney. I like what she did with the song but I still think she needs to do more. For me, there’s too many singers like her. Yes, definitely she can sing. Amazing singing but not enough to catch my attention yet.

Scotty – Can some famous label take him away and sign him already???!!! Move aside Miss Swift! A new name in country music has arrived!

Karen – Bottom 3. The song choice is not good. But at least she sang better than Haley. But still not safe. Sigh…

Casey – Crazy caveman took on Nirvana. I am officially subscribing to his music. Again, he will not win the title, but he’s got fans!!!

Lauren – Great stage presence. Not her best performance but it was good. She looks exactly like her mother! Almost like sisters or twins!

Jacob – Over the top again. But I like the fact that he sang something other than rnb. Too much screaming for my ears tho…

Overall, it was a good week. Bottom 3; Karen, Haley and Thia. Me thinks Haley will go home.

Introducing the third gal… Maryam Asyari

Date of Birth: 14th March 2011

Time: 1.49pm

Location: Sunway Medical Centre

Weight/Height: 3.09kg/49cm

We decided to get me induced since I have very little patience left and not to mention my lower extremities were screaming hell of pain.  Almost exactly like the procedure with Khadeeja, we had to be admitted before 7am. The whole procedure started at around 8.30am. Puan Doktor came and broke my waterbag, put in the ubat, then the epidural came in and after that, the waiting began.

It was a long wait because it seems that the baby was still high up in the womb eventhough I was already dilated a few cm. And the worst part was, the epidural was only working on the left side of my body. So I still feel all the pain on the right side. Don’t ask me how and why because I experienced that with Khadeeja as well. But this time around, I knew better than to ask for top ups and I’m glad I felt the pain because it helped a lot during the pushing bit.

At around 12.30pm, Puan Doktor came and said the head was still high and asked me to lay on my side in a crouching position. Assuming that it will take at least a few hours more, at 1.30pm, I told Abu to go for sembahyang Zohor first. As soon as he left, the nurse came, checked my vahjayjay, prepared the bed, lift my legs up and asked me to start pushing. Confused, in pain and tired, I started pushing and after 2 sets of 3 pushes, the nurse stopped me, and called Puan Doktor. When Puan Doktor came, she asked if I wanted to wait for Abu. By that time, the only way to get rid of the pain was to push. So I pushed! Dua kali push and baby Maryam came out like the wind at 1.49pm. Abu came in and got confused when he heard a baby crying in the room… Heh…

Today is the third day after birth and both of us are doing great. Had to give her formula milk last night since I’m still low on boobies juice. Today, the juice is floooooowiiiing! Wooohooo! I hope I have the discipline to proceed with total breastfeeding this time.

The other 2? Very busy trying to be helpful with the feeding and cleaning. But when they saw the poop today, I asked both to help me throw the pampers away and both answered ‘NO THANKS!’… Hahahahahaha!

I leave you people with pictures of the new kid on the block. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Especially to those who came and visit. We love you!!!



A few minutes after birth

3rd time a Bapak

Powerpuff Girls