He puts a spell on me! – Top 24 AI

I’m not gonna say much about the performances. I’m just gonna pick my top 5 dudes and top 5 dudettes.

  1. Casey Abrams – Uh-may-zing growling!!!! I applaud him for being different. My favourite for now, but at this stage, and knowing the pattern of how Americans tend to vote for the second best, he’s not gonna win the title. But who cares?! I love him!
  2. Jacob Lusk – My favourite man-diva… Dude can sing his lungs out.
  3. Paul McDonald – Ain’t gonna win but love the performance!
  4. James Durbin – He is annoying but the song choice was good.
  5. Scotty McCreery – Not my favourite contestant but at least he’s better than the other few.

And my top 5 girls;

  1. Naima Adedapo – I hope she goes far. She is beautiful and I love the eccentricity of her performance.
  2. Thia Megia – Please, please don’t let her be another Jasmine Trias. Unique voice for a 15 years old.
  3. Lauren Alaina – I don’t like her because she is such an ass-licker (enough with the flirting with Mr Tyler!) but the girl can sing.
  4. Rachel Zivita – I kno a lot of people will disagree on this choice but she’s unique.
  5. Karen Rodriguez – So she can sing a Mariah… Watever…

I think this season, most of the contestants are very unique and have their own style. So I’m hoping that one of the weird ones wins this time. Not looking forward for another Carrie Underwood wannabe to win the title. 😉

p/s: Ms Lopez’s dress was fugly but looving the hair and makeup.


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