The wrong songs – Top 13 AI

For most of them, it was the wrong song choice. IMO, none of them sang badly. It was just the songs… And for a few, it’s like they were trying too hard…

Lauren – Of all those good Shania songs, she picked something so old fashioned and too country. I was hoping she went for ‘Man! I feel like a woman’. She could’ve started a ‘country-rock’ genre and be the opposite of ‘country-pop’ princess Taylor Swift. She sounded and looked older tonight.

Casey – I’m just too biased on this one. I don’t see anyone other than this caveman. I kno there are better singers in the competition but this dude was clever enough to choose the right song for his voice. My only advice; do something different next week. Just for the sake of the ‘surprise’ element.

Ashton – I immediately forgot her performance after she sang. Pity her…

Paul – He’s got style but it reminds me of Chris Martin instead of Paul. He’ll do a good indie record, but he will not win the title.

Pia – My problem with this woman is that she is too predictable. She will be tackling all those power ballads, and I foresee her singing at least a Whitney and a Mariah song. Her strong point is only when she hit those high notes. And because she sang ‘all by myself’ tonight, I am voting her out!!!! *coughCATDORKYSUICIDALSONGcough*

James – His voice sounded like Axl Rose. He can go far but needs to look for new way to impress the audience other than screaming at the top of his lungs. Nonetheless, his performance is actually my second favourite performance.

Haley – When she sang, I feel like doing the hula. I dunno why… I just wanted to wear a grass skirt and do the hula.

Jacob – Too over the top. Dude, we kno you can sing. You don’t have to over do it. And I didn’t like the song arrangement at all.

Thia – She’s safe this week, but I was not blown away like I did last week.

Stefano – I don’t NOT like his voice. I have a huge problem with how he changed the song too much. Stevie’s songs are like super sacred. I’d rather if he leave it be.

Karen – She’s in trouble… I also forgot her performance right after she sang.

Scotty – This boy will be one of the prominent names in country music. He doesn’t need to win AI for it. I bet that a few record labels are already tailing him.

Naima – Not gonna win but at least her performance was memorable.

So who will get the red card? I think Ashton will say buh-bye this week. It’s between her, Karen or Haley but since she performed earlier than them and audience tends to forget faster, she’s in trouble.


4 thoughts on “The wrong songs – Top 13 AI

  1. i tot u would never do this..looking at yr current condition 😉
    dis yer aku ada teman tgk AI yg selama ni sbelah mato pun tak pandang…his comment every week is “semuanya judges suka,takde pun yg drg tak suka”… i say ” yr music sense tak bagus,i’d rather read ziah’s review” 🙂

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