Top 12 – as it goes

Am doing this as the show goes.

Naima – People need to learn that you cannot do a Tina Turner if you are not Tina Turner. It was just terrible because she was trying too hard to be better than Tina Turner. She’s not going home yet but this will put her in a dangerous spot.

Paul – Errr… Was he suffering from sore throat or something? IMO, if he sang it without all those pitchy notes, it would’ve been a good performance. Not good for Paul to be too ambitious.

Thia – Of all great Disney songs, she sang the boringest (word of the day by Marina and Cat) song. Bottom 3. But still safe, I think.

James – The song choice is fabulous! Very brave to sing that song. I loooooveee it!!!! Love love love love it!!!!

Haley – Why is she still in the competition?

Stefano – This boy can sing! The dark horse for this season. Impressive…

Pia – As expected, she sang a Whitney. I like what she did with the song but I still think she needs to do more. For me, there’s too many singers like her. Yes, definitely she can sing. Amazing singing but not enough to catch my attention yet.

Scotty – Can some famous label take him away and sign him already???!!! Move aside Miss Swift! A new name in country music has arrived!

Karen – Bottom 3. The song choice is not good. But at least she sang better than Haley. But still not safe. Sigh…

Casey – Crazy caveman took on Nirvana. I am officially subscribing to his music. Again, he will not win the title, but he’s got fans!!!

Lauren – Great stage presence. Not her best performance but it was good. She looks exactly like her mother! Almost like sisters or twins!

Jacob – Over the top again. But I like the fact that he sang something other than rnb. Too much screaming for my ears tho…

Overall, it was a good week. Bottom 3; Karen, Haley and Thia. Me thinks Haley will go home.

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