Top 11 again…

Today’s theme: Sir Elton John

Scotty: He sings like a pro country crooner! We love him!

Naima: Err… This is AMERICAN Idol. Not Jamaican Idol. Too much of something is not that good. She just needs to sing for now. Sing the song as it was intended to be sung. Weird… It was just weird.

Paul: ooOooo! I like his flowery suit. His performance was ok but very forgettable. I’m bored. Bored… Zzzzzz!

Pia: She can sing but I’m seriously bored with her already. It’s more of; *yawn! So she can sing*, instead of *wow! She can sing!*.

Stefano: Good… Good… Not giving him the standing ovation but at least better than last week.

Lauren: I think I have a problem with my ears today. Everything sounded so blah and yet, the judges are saying good thinga about the performance. Another ok performance from Lauren. Yawn…

James: Ok… Not my ears. I just prefer rock n roll than ballads. I love you James! Rock on!!!

Thia: Arrrghhh!!! Not another ballad!!!!

Casey: Biasness alert. What was wrong with America last week?!!! He is awesome. Awe-so-me!!!!

Jacob: Take a notch down Blackdiva! Learn something from Casey.

Haley: Omg! Sexy!!! Super sexy!!!! I love it!

Bottom 3 for me, Naima, Paul, Stefano.

Who’s going home? Err… Naima and Stefano.


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