To fall in love is easy…

… To stay in love is the hard part.

I was inspired to write something about this when Benny wrote the same thing on his FB. I realized I do have a looooong list of falling in love with fiction and non-fiction character. Heh… Let me see if I can gather them up in a post. 😉

  • Fred Savage – I was so in love with him that I actually wrote a fan letter and got a computer generated postcard from him. Woot! Woot!!!!
  • Doogie Howser – Who ever make fun of me because of this, will be reprimended. He was cute, young and a doctor okay?!
  • Jordan Knight – Still am in love with him… Sigh…
  • Ex-bf #2 – Why #2 first? Because I met him first and fell in love with him first but only got his attention later, after ex-bf #1.
  • Batman – All Batman. I wanted to marry Batman, just so that I could sit in his Batmobile.
  • Ex-bf #1 – Was so in love and was so heartbroken when got dumped. Cried everytime I took a bath because I didn’t want anybody else to see me cry. Chet! Jiwang karat!
  • Howie D from Backstreet Boys – Seriously… I was never a Justin Timberlake fan, when everybody was screaming his name. I had Howie’s poster all over my books!
  • Takuya Kimura – Always and forever my favorite fashion icon!
  • Dean Forrester from Gilmore Girls – I had a serious obsession towards the character. Bought the whole DVD set of GG just because of him.
  • Legolas – Again, whoever dares to laugh, dares to die! And stop saying he’s Gimli’s gay partner!!!!
  • Will Turner – Romance never cease to amaze eventhough the man looks like they never mandi at all. IMO, Will Turner is one of the most romantic character in movie.
  • Sam Winchester of Supernatural – Yes, played by the same person (Jared Padalecki) as Dean Forrester. No, I wasn’t in love with Jared. I was in love with 2 separate fictional character.
  • Hwang Tae Gyung of You’re Beautiful – Checkout my post on him.
  • Lee Dong Gun – I find this dude very softspoken. No longer in love with him but I still have a picture of him on my desk in my office. Heh…

So now people would be asking why are the 2 biggest obsessions missing? Well, my friends, people like Abang Johnny and Abang Beckham is way up there tahap dewa punya obsession, you just can’t afford to lose your energy wanting to marry them.

Enough with useless post. I just have this sudden urge to write something today. I hope this will continue and the blog will be filled with lovely things again!

p/s: My list is not that long after all! Someone will definitely have some things to add on later… :p

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