Rock N Roll Baby! – Top 9

As it goes in Malaysia;

Jacob – “If I’m in the bottom 3, it’s because America’s not ready to look into the mirror”???? Can you get any cockier? News flash Mr Lusk, if Michael Jackson was alive, he would definitely have things to say about your performance. Judges! Stop idolizing this guy! He needs to be taught a lesson. I hope he’s in the bottom 3.

Haley – Too much growling baby… But it was a good performance still. For such a small person, she really got a big voice.

Casey – This is how it should be done. He went crazy, and then he toned down like a pro. I love it when he plays the bass. Simply tasteful.

Lauren – Loving the voice, hating the attire she was wearing. What’s up with the shorts? Fugly!

James – Surprisingly, he goes slow on Rock N Roll week. Good… Good… Very unexpected (unlike Pia’s performance, I bet, cause everyone is looking forward for a fast tempo from her).

Scotty – Sexy! Weird sexy, nerdy sexy… This boy is going to be rich and famous.

Pia – She’s a pretty girl. That’s all I’m gonna say. Not bothered about her singing. Nope… Not at all…

Stefano – Trying too hard to please again.

Paul – I love this performance! Fun. Energetic.

This week is sooooo boring. The problem with this season is that everyone can actually sing. It’s just a matter of choosing the right song and performing it crazy good beyond and above expectations. And since most of them performed like mad during the auditions, now, they are out of the suprise element. I want greatness people! Greatness! I don’t care who goes back this week, as long as it’s not Casey or James. But if I have to guess, I say Stefano.

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