It was worth the wait!

I waited… And waited… And waited some more… And finally it arrived!

My custom made Le Pliage Longchamp bag directly from USA finally made it to my hand after almost 3 weeks stuck in kastam KK.

To those who love the Le Pliage, I say get the custom made! The total cost (plus shipping) is around RM800. It’s cheap considering only you will have the bag because like mine, I got my name embroidered on it. Muahahahah!!!! Love it!



7 thoughts on “It was worth the wait!

    • naziah says:

      Ni made in france… Aku order thru personal shopper online since longchamp x amik credit card from

  1. Nnt kot2 aku nak order will ask how to!

    p.s. Longchamp site tu EUR100 kan? I thot it was expensive sbb the bags yg kecik sold in Paris kalau kat factory outlet abt RM200 je. Hehe. Tp tak personalize la of coz, and colours limited.

  2. ss says:

    your size is not the biggest size right.i am looking at not the biggest size and not the smaller one.i carry too much of my shit with me.:( tak cukup space wan.stuck in customs!bloody the color combi the looking at brown + red 🙂 wish me lots of luck na.

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