Asal kami dari bumi…

… Kami tinggal di tepi laut…

Kadang-kadang, bila kita tengok wayang, kita lupa perkara yang paling penting sekali; storyline itu sendiri.

When Yusry announced that the total cost of the movie was 8 million, everyone’s expectations were high. It got higher when the trailer came out. I really don’t understand why people are criticizing about the quality of the special effects and cinematography. Be realistic. If you want a quality as good as Hollywood’s epic movies, it costs more than 8 million USD… 8 million RINGGIT gives you one of the best produced movie in Malaysia cinematic history. You want better quality, give Yusry more budget!

Overall, I love the way the story was told. I am glad to see that the art of storytelling is enforced in the movie. I thought the actress who potrayed Embok and the Chinese Princess didn’t suit the characters. Embok looks too young and the Princess looks too old and modern for the young Prince of Rome. The Princess shold have more accent when speaking a foreign language and not sounding like a westener faking a chinese accent . Nonetheless, the Princess is one of my favorite character in the movie. My absolute favorite is Kamawas. If the word ‘evil’ has a picture in the dictionary, it would be his face. And I would also like to point out to the make-up artist/costume person, 8 million budget, the least you can do is make a believable wig for Datuk Rahim Razali. Macam rambut dia mau tercabut dari kepala pulak. I understand the need of the tall ramos but make it more subtle. Don’t make it too obvious that he was wearing a huge wig.

Merong? The character itself is very intriguing. I was doing a little bit of googling about his background, and concluded that Merong Mahawangsa was the first ever Pan-Asian in the known history!!! Heh… Stephen Rahman-Huges? Sungguh tegap badan mu itu! Very ngam to play the character. I just wish that the writers took a little bit of time on the last scene where Merong sacrificed himself…

So, would I recommend the movie to others? Of course! But if you expect a flawless movie with great special effects because it cost 8 million, DON’T! Go for the story. A lovely way to learn history… Yusry, if you are reading this, give yourself a round of applause because you did one hell of a job! And this review will not be complete, without quoting the famous pantoum from the movie.

Sampai masa tiba waktunya. Redup hati kamu berdua. Bila dua jasad bersatu. Hidup mati jadi bersama…

One thought on “Asal kami dari bumi…

  1. Ziah.. I totally, absolutely agree with you, especially pasal Embok and Pak Kesum’s wig. Embok looks so young and they didn’t elaborate pun pasal the love between Embok and Merong, tiba2 bila Merong dah mati, Embok is pregnant? I was thinking, eh? Out of wedlocks? When did that happen? Would be nice if ada love story there.. (the romantic in me..:P)

    The wig? Aiyo. aku takutttttt je at anytime his wig would jatuh ke.. terbang ke…

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