So I’ve stopped watching AI

As much as I love AI and Mr Tyler, I’m just bored by those overachiever contestants they have in the show. Everyone’s soooooo good and it is pretty clear that Lauren ‘might’ win the title. Let’s all vote for Haley!!!

Also, haven’t seen a lot of TVs lately. Been doing a lot of readings. Catching up on all those precious books I bought. Went book crazy last week when I bought 3 Cecilia Ahern’s novel during the Times Book Fair in KK. Finished all 3 within the week and now I have no more to read. Might need to hit the bookstore again.

KK finally rained early this morning and this afternoon. It’s a nice 29c today. Beautiful weather. But I still can’t go out without wearing my sunnies. Maybe my eyes getting a bit sensitive towards bright light. No, Cat, I am not turning into a vampire nor will I ever be in love with Edward Cullen.

Got an invitation to go for SPCAKK Fundraiser nite. Wants to go but it’s in a bar. Why la? I kno some of you will say, masuk je lah. Bukannya kau pegi nak minum-minum pun. Right… Still no lah.

The girls? Khadeeja, as some of you kno, just celebrated her 4th birthday. She now refused to be carried by me, or be called ‘baby’, or be described as ‘small’. All of those issues, she will give one answer, ‘I’m big already mommy!’. Call me super-emo but when you child tells you she/he is already too big for smothering, it bothers the person who pushes them out from her vah-jay-jay very much! Ameena is the cheekiest and most cunning. She is always up to something (and usually that ‘something’ will end with her sister crying/complaining). TomYam? Kindly refer to her photos in my FB. She is not as big as you see her in the photos but her cheeks are THAT round. Still fully breastfed and I am happy about that.

This is my first time fully breastfeeding my kid. I lost a lot of weight. But my Psoriasis is getting worse since I can’t get my allergy shot that often due to breastfeeding. So I’m all blotchy and reddish. People STARE at my face everywhere I go. Kesian… And the heatwave is not helping as well. I get redder than a boiled lobster when it gets too hot.

Watever it is, I am excited to see who gets the AI title. I’ll watch the finale… DEFINITELY.

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