Boobiespumps review – Avent Single Electric & Medela Swing

I’ve been doing a lot of readings regarding the right or better  breast pumps in the market. Since they can be relatively expensive, the right breast pump can help save a lot of ka-ching.

I initially started with my Medela Mini Electric Pump, which was about 2 years old. I didn’t get to test its full potential since I wasn’t fully breastfeeding Ameena back then. So there it sat in my closet until now. After using it for about 2 weeks, averaging 5 pumping session a day, the motor ran down. It is not because Medela not producing good pumps but it was due to overused. The MMEP is meant for travelling and occasional pumping. So I had to buy a new pump.

The second pump is a Medela Swing. I actually love this pump. It is easy to use and very effective as well. The 2 phase expression doesn’t actually mimics the way your baby suckle but it helps to express more milk. And the softfit breastshield is also comfortable compared to the MMEP hard breastshield. And you can control the suction speed (not speed actually… The suction force?). So, if you want it to fill the bottle faster, the harder the suction would be. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable. With the pros, comes the cons. It is noisy. Especially when you need a relief at night and you do it in your bedroom with the baby in it. And if it’s not properly installed, your milk could get stuck and will flow back to the tube. And again, due to overused (I now pump 6 or 7 times daily), I feel the motor is getting a bit slow. So to save this pump, I made the RASH decision to buy a spare.

After a little research over the net, Avent seems to pop out a lot. Since it is easily obtained here, I went ahead to the local Mothercare (got a 10% discount but still it was expensive). Bought meself the Avent Single Electric Pump. At first, it was VERY difficult to use. Maybe the Medela Swing pampered me too much with the button pressings only. The Avent pump needs you to manually pump your boobies first to stimulate the milk. After 2 manual pump, you need to switch to the automatic pumping (which, is clever enough to remember your manual rythym). After your milk starts to come out, you then have to switch back to manual pumping for the second phase which is expression. So this time, you have to manually and slowly pump twice and change to automatic again and it will express your milk more. Confused? I was too. Another not so good thing for this pump is that the electric motor is heavy. It also have a lot of parts to install before we use it. But unlike the Medela Swing, it doesn’t make so much noise when you use it. And the soft massaging breastshield is way way comfortable than Medela. And I find that it is cleaner (no milk dripping from the breastshield) than Medela.

Whatever it is, I guess it’s based on preferences. I read that AMEDA breast pumps are also good but since I can’t find it here, it is best to go with something that you can easily get the spare parts around your area. And nowadays, practically everything is buyable from the net. So no problemo there… For now, my Medela Swing is benched (you are not forgotten oh yellow one!). I’m giving myself a chance to kno the Avent pump better before I decide whether I like it or not. If I could rent a huge hospital quality breast pump, it will be the best solution.

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