Puan-puan kecik




Lain kali kalau boleh jaga anak-anak sendiri, uruslah sendiri…

Seriously friends. If you can afford to take care of your family without help from maids, don’t start. As some of you kno, I recently had to send back both of my maids to Indon. Satu, sebab habis kontrak. The other one because she ran away from home! Long story short, she ran away from Subang  when I came back to KL recently. She ran away to her sister’s place in Muar. Fortunately I have the majikan punya phone number, warned the majikan to call me if she sampai sana. Luckily, she DID went there and luckily also, majikan adik dia jujur. She ran because she heard the majikan is looking for another maid, and since she didn’t want to jaga budak-budak (kepala saya lagi pusing nggak bisa jaga anak-anak), she thought running away to the sister’s place would secure a new job for her. Padan muka dia, as soon as she arrived, she was sent back to me. And on the same day also, I took her back to KK untuk mengelak lari lagi. Sialan betul la… Nasib baik la aku belum repot polis. Tidak kalu, menyusahkan!

So itula ceritanya… Maidless for now. Waiting for the new ones to arrive this weekend (hopefully). This is the third day me managing the children. Abu pulak ada di KL. So far so good. I’m not totally without help. I’m staying at my mom’s place and since everyone is in KL now (only my aunt and cousin at home with us), I have people to help me bit. Yesterday, I managed to bring the girls out to the office and for groceries. Left baby Yam at home for about 2 hours. Again, I am fortunate that my girls are not that difficult to manage. Khadeeja takes care of her own business. Meena ada merengek sikit but that’s because she had fever last Sunday. And Yam is being taken care by my mom’s maid when needed. And since aku menumpang rumah orang, I only clean the room I sleep in and the toilet I use. Phewwww!!!

Moral of the story; kalau boleh buat kerja sendiri, never ever take maid. Nanti jadi macam gue, MALAS… Sigh… I need an attitude change.

7 thoughts on “Supirwoman

  1. maidless takde hal provided that Allah izinkan kesihatan…cuma bila tak sihat sket problemas sebab sapa je nak tgk kan budak2 bila takde extra hands…had maids before,mmg syok sbb ada org tlg buatkan keje umah tp the fact yg tmbh lg sorang manusia dlm rumah maknanya tambah la pening…so yeah i’m fine with being maidless.

  2. Been maidless for a few years… stimes bila penat tu nak jugak ada, tp pikir pening kepala tu, hmmm… tak sanggup!

    But then again, I do get help to clean the house once a fortnight, so no issue there.

    All the best Ziah! 🙂

    p.s. You have that baby bean bag!! Teringin jugak… hahaha…

  3. hani says:

    yeah bila hands betul2 tight, memang ada angan2 mahu bibik… at least to clean the house. and to look after the kids yang tengah tidur especially bila aku betul2 perlu keluar rumah (don’t you just hate it when you have to wake up the kids yg tengah sound asleep just because you have an appointment and are running late?).. and as a teman at nights when your hubby is not around most days of the year… hehe… tapi buat je la takat yg termampu kan? and bila sakit as what jaja said memangla perit.. tapi you can do it punya laaaahhh… all the best!!!

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