When the fallen has fell, the hero rises and truth be told!

We cannot read or watch the final chapter of this epic fiction without acknowledging the fact that the real hero is the most unlikely person in the story. And for that fact alone, we all owe it to the bravest man ever known in the history of fiction.

Many would agree that this final part of the movie is almost flawless. The dragon scene is extraordinary. The battle scene is majestic. The ending gave a big closure for every single Potter freak in the world. Am not going into details and not going to spoil the story to those who haven’t seen it yet, eventhough most of you kno the book by heart. But to read and to experience the book in a physical world is two huge different excitement. We all knew one of the Weasleys were going to die. And yet, we weep his impending death all over again. We knew that the good will succeed. And yet, we applaud Molly Weasley’s victory when we saw Bellatrix’s face went pale. Most of all, we all knew how Snape kept his secret for so long. And yet, without fail, we hear his heart broke to pieces, as too, ours, when his love story was repeated.

So to those who haven’t read the book, if you intend to watch it, I suggest you either read or google the facts afterwards. The biggest question would be, how can Harry still be alive? The answer; it’s because Lord Voldermort killed his part of the soul and not Harry’s. To my dear fellow Potterians, I’m pretty sure you will not be disappointed.

Of course this is just in your head. But even if it’s only in your head, it doesn’t mean that it’s not real…

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