I’m stuck between Tuesday and Thursday…

Kept thinking that today is a Wednesday.

Ramadhan came and going on really fast. Baru la tersedar yang minggu ni sudah last kita berpuasa. I always felt that Ramadhan is a long long month. I just started preparing for Raya. Setakat beli color-light dan bekas kuih pun cukup bagus lah tu untuk prestasi malas Naziah Nawawie. Minggu ni (hari ni lah) kena mula misi mencari kuih raya. Again, kalau di KL, bersepah-sepah kuih raya yang boleh di beli. Sini bukannya tak ada, tapi agak kurang pilihan. But who cares. Asal ada kuih cukup lah. Sedap, tak sedap itu belakang kira. Muahahahhahahah! Ada hati jugak mau bikin sendiri konon. Tapi konon je lah. Heheheheheh…

Jadi kenkawan semua, adakah persiapan hari raya anda sudah bermula? Kalau belum, agak-agak sikit naaaa! Minggu depan raya…

Sekian saja untuk hari ini. Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi besok atau lusa atau tunggu la aku rajin. Selamat berpuasa!

xox: NN

p/s: Hari tu gue tengok dokumentari Arwah Sudirman. Sibuk tak berhenti-henti nyanyi lagu One Thousand Million Smiles since then. He really was one of a kind. Al-Fatihah…


You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

Got this one directly from WordPress’s idea box.

If I’m in charge of writing the fortune cookies messages, people would probably be burning those fortune cookies!

  • Why do things today when you can postpone it and play hookie instead?
  • Do not fear what you do not know, for it will be the thing that kills you faster.
  • Love is blind. It is also deaf and dumb.
  • Time and tide waits for no men. Only women…
  • Forgive and forget, for those who lives in anger will die of coronary breakdown.

That is all that I could think of for now. The list shall be longer once I get my dose of caffeine.

xox: NN

I feel bloated!

Seriously… Like really full with angin and air.

I kno what I need. I need a massage. I went to Gaya Street yesterday and had a quick 30 minit reflexology session with the blind uncle. Didn’t do any good, so I went for a full body massage later in the evening. I came back home with bruises. Physical blue and black all over my body. According to the tukang urut, ‘terlampau banyak angin dalam badan’. It was painful! Painful to the tahap yang I actually ask the lady to stop touching me. I don’t blame her. I haven’t been taking care of myself since the big move to KK. No weekly massage nor reflexology. No nothing. Life in KK is too laid back, I don’t kno what else to do other than stare at the blue blue sky above and enjoying this strong wind blowing a hurricane inside my house.

Yes people. The pressure of being stuck in a vacation. A vacation that requires you to work but also enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the calmness of the place. The bloody defeaning calmness. I am now admitting that I am a city person. I love the city hype. I love noise. Hell, I even love the bloody jam!!! Bloody hell!!!!!!

Fuuuuh!!! That feels better. Now that all those bad energy is out of the way, I feel like my bloatedness has lessen a bit. I shall enjoy today a little bit better and not feel too stuffy for now. Maybe tomorrow or the day after, I will go for another session of massage. I need to make a whole lot of adjustments. New routine…

Sekian for now.

xox: N

Love letter

To my dearest (insert your name here),

How have you been my dear friend? I apologize for being too busy to write these few months. Not making any excuses, it is my fault entirely. I guess bad planning and thinking that I have 5 pairs of hands doesn’t do any good eh?

I have finally moved in to my new home. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom home with a fantastic view. All those climb to the second floor is worth it. I just wish that they install elevators because it is difficult to carry a 10kg pack of rice with a 2 and 4 year old behind you. Grocery shopping is hell but it is all worth it. I have a place called home now.

Not that I never had a home before. My beloved home in Subang is currently under negotiation. I’m finally letting it go. Heavy hearted as it is, I do not have the budget to manage 2 homes now. The hardest part would be handing over the keys later on. It’s like handing over half of your soul to someone else. I guess it should be easy. If Lord Voldermort could have 7 horcruxes, I could do by parting with one of mine. But I shall not promise there won’t be tears. There would definitely be tears.

Well, anyways, I have to get going now. I shall write more once my mind is not as cloudy. And why the hell is Joey from N’Sync on Disney Junior Channel now? Watever… I saw Jack Black on Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba dressed as DJ Lance…

Take care. Have fun. Write back!

xox; NN