Love letter

To my dearest (insert your name here),

How have you been my dear friend? I apologize for being too busy to write these few months. Not making any excuses, it is my fault entirely. I guess bad planning and thinking that I have 5 pairs of hands doesn’t do any good eh?

I have finally moved in to my new home. It is a beautiful 3 bedroom home with a fantastic view. All those climb to the second floor is worth it. I just wish that they install elevators because it is difficult to carry a 10kg pack of rice with a 2 and 4 year old behind you. Grocery shopping is hell but it is all worth it. I have a place called home now.

Not that I never had a home before. My beloved home in Subang is currently under negotiation. I’m finally letting it go. Heavy hearted as it is, I do not have the budget to manage 2 homes now. The hardest part would be handing over the keys later on. It’s like handing over half of your soul to someone else. I guess it should be easy. If Lord Voldermort could have 7 horcruxes, I could do by parting with one of mine. But I shall not promise there won’t be tears. There would definitely be tears.

Well, anyways, I have to get going now. I shall write more once my mind is not as cloudy. And why the hell is Joey from N’Sync on Disney Junior Channel now? Watever… I saw Jack Black on Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba dressed as DJ Lance…

Take care. Have fun. Write back!

xox; NN

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