I feel bloated!

Seriously… Like really full with angin and air.

I kno what I need. I need a massage. I went to Gaya Street yesterday and had a quick 30 minit reflexology session with the blind uncle. Didn’t do any good, so I went for a full body massage later in the evening. I came back home with bruises. Physical blue and black all over my body. According to the tukang urut, ‘terlampau banyak angin dalam badan’. It was painful! Painful to the tahap yang I actually ask the lady to stop touching me. I don’t blame her. I haven’t been taking care of myself since the big move to KK. No weekly massage nor reflexology. No nothing. Life in KK is too laid back, I don’t kno what else to do other than stare at the blue blue sky above and enjoying this strong wind blowing a hurricane inside my house.

Yes people. The pressure of being stuck in a vacation. A vacation that requires you to work but also enjoy the beautiful sceneries and the calmness of the place. The bloody defeaning calmness. I am now admitting that I am a city person. I love the city hype. I love noise. Hell, I even love the bloody jam!!! Bloody hell!!!!!!

Fuuuuh!!! That feels better. Now that all those bad energy is out of the way, I feel like my bloatedness has lessen a bit. I shall enjoy today a little bit better and not feel too stuffy for now. Maybe tomorrow or the day after, I will go for another session of massage. I need to make a whole lot of adjustments. New routine…

Sekian for now.

xox: N

4 thoughts on “I feel bloated!

  1. try halia beb. tak kisah la air halia ke, halwa halia ke, krim halia ke, kalau nak try kunyah halia hidup tu pun boleh jugak.
    halia is known untuk kasik senang sikit keluar angin.

    • naziah says:

      dah ok! semalam pigi urut kat kedai siam. buang angin habis! satu malam aku x boleh tido sebab kentut. dia kata indigestion. bulan puasa makan takde ampun punya la. mcm tak boleh makan lagi besok nya… heh.

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