I’m just a small girl from Borneo…

… but you made my journey to hold the world in the palm of hands possible, Mr Jobs!

My mommy got me an iPod touch (the second generation) when I was almost 2 years old. I learned the alphabets, numbers and even jawi using the iPod. I enjoyed playing Angry Birds, but now I have moved on playing the Sims on it. My mommy was shocked when I told her, ‘I changed the floor on your Sims’. My mommy was also shocked when I started singing ‘Never knew I needed’ by Ne-Yo a few hours after she uploaded the song into my iPod. Not her fault. I was just 3 years old when I started choosing my own games from the App Store. I still don’t know my mommy’s password but I know how to ask her nicely to download those nice Disney books and Barbie games. Recently, my dad downloaded a few Islamic educational applications and I now know that ‘refrigerator’ in arabic is ‘salajah’. My favorite thing about my iPod is that I could watch my favorite cartoon whenever and wherever I want to. Do you know how difficult it is to fight over the tv remote Mr Jobs? I think you did know…

So Mr Jobs, I know you are gone. But let me tell you a secret; I will remember you. I am four years old and half of my life, I have spent it with an iPod in my hands. I am four years old, and you made it possible for me to hold the world in the palm of my hands.

To Mrs Jobs, thank you for taking care of Mr Jobs for  as long as God allowed you to. He is in a better place now.

With Love;

Khadeeja Asyari


Apple: Steve Jobs Has Died





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