I am making a big huge fuss about this. My 15 year old email address was hacked!

Yes… Yes… My own fault for keeping it dormant. But I do login every 6 months to delete emails and stuff. How did I kno it was hacked you ask? I noticed a lot of FB notifications. At first I just dismissed it thinking I might’ve backed up my FB notifications to this email. Tapi tengok punya tengok, kenapakah FB notification itu dalam bahasa Indonesia???

Disebabkan aku ni ala2 McGyver la jugak, did a few kuntaus and got the FB account. Put a ‘fair’ warning on the status and guess what? The bloody idiot tried to access the account again. Lucky I change my email password. I wanted to let every single friend of this person that she uses my email so I let the FB account for 2 days. And today, as I go in to delete it, I can’t go in due to my location and stuff. Tried resetting the password thru my email also cannot. Last option, report the FB to security.

It seems that nowadays, these hackers uses other people’s email account particularly those yang dormant for spam, porn, or creating fake FB account online. So be careful friends. Those yang ada banyak email account, be sure to delete those yang tidak digunakan. Or else, we’ll be in trouble for cheating a lonely person $500k… Haishhh!!!!!

So what’s the conclusion? Today is the day I close my rocketmail account. Kalau nak hantar kad kahwin/kad raya/kad halloween, hantar snail mail lagi bagus!


xox: NN



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