Pelajar dan politik

My opinion (not that you agree or I care), is to NOT BE INVOLVED AT ALL.

Dear students,

You think you know so much just because you take 1 semester of sciences of politics. Think again. Better focus on what you want to make out of your future, get that future, have a family, and then masuk politik. You don’t get to be the PM’s right hand person fresh out from university. And because you focus too much on politics, setbacks are greater than the pros. So just stick your noses in your books, and let the politicians do their work. They ARE getting paid to do their jobs you know?! Haish… You might think you know or understand politics now, but it ain’t as the book says in the real world children. So before any of you start bombing me with your comments, think again and think hard. You could’ve gotten an A on that statistics paper but because you were too busy doing your ‘extra co-curricular’, you got a C and lost a job with a big firm. And FYI, rarely or no company will  accept a fresh grad with ‘politically involved’ in their resume. Be very careful…



2 thoughts on “Pelajar dan politik

  1. zezz says:

    Aku setuju. Setakat cgpa nak cecah 2.5 pun susah, baik toksah. Amanah lagi besar utk korg – belajar.

    Nak jadi MPP patut kena menten certain cgpa – maybe mmg dh mcm ni, am x too sure.

    Tp ada pulak nnt ckp we hv to encourage the young minds to be involved since the children are our future and stuff, but priorities, ppl! Get that one straight first, n everythg will fall into place.

    Politicians skrg pun ptt di ajar tentang priorities,actually 🙂

    • naziah says:

      setuju yang berhormat!!! setuju!!!!

      kalau masalah matematik & sains dlm bahasa melayu/english pun masih tak boleh di tangani, baik suruh budak2 fokus belajar dulu. belum cukup ilmu, tak payah la nak masuk politik. masuk interbiu cari kerja pun belum tentu lepas.

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