I take this issue very seriously. I have a few good friends who are openly gay. So sensitivity is a must.

But in my opinion, what should be left closed tight in the closet, should be left closed tight in the closet. Nothing in any Holy Books allows the act of same sex preferences. So, for me, what goes on behind those closed doors, is between you and GOD. And to remind those who are involved, this is an ISLAMIC country. If you don’t respect your religion, try to respect others. If you disagree, I suggest you move to a place where this is acceptable. Brazil is a nice place to live. 😉

Again, I write this with the utmost sensitivity towards the subject. Eventhough I disagree, I disagree in silence because I respect my loved ones decisions. Even if they choose to be gay, they are a few of the most nicest people I have ever encountered. The key word here is ‘RESPECT’. We respect your preferences, you respect the religion’s view on this. So word of advise, have your party inside those closets.

xox: NN

3 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Not Elton says:

    fyi…Malaysia is not a Muslim country…it`s a SECULAR country. Funny how you say some gays are the nicest people you have met however you still think they don`t deserve to be happy like you.

    If it is between them and GOD why do anyone has anything to say?

    If marriage is soo sacred please explain the gawking rise in Divorce?

    Anyway…i still think you are teh coolest Moslim..but like all cool people you have your weakness and therefore i forgive you.

    Not Elton John.

    • naziah says:

      Nowadays, malaysians tend to focus more on materialism rather than spiritual, hence, most of us, especially the leaders forgets that malaysia IS an islamic state. I dont blame us for not implementing the religion bit of the state. This is all due to modernization. I agree on the marriage bit. It is sacred. It should be sacred. I dont have the answer why people nowadays dont value their marriage.
      My gay friends are a few of those exceptionally good people not because they are gay, but because they are already nice. Of course everyone deserves to be happy. Happiness doesnt mean that you have to announce to the whole world your preferences. There are people in this world who still believe in the values of religion, like me. And i want my children to grow up knowing the basics first, and not get confused with the latter development of the world. Whatever it is, i really appreciate your comment. It means that you care, and most importantly, you actually took a moment to read what i write… Thanks!

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