Aaaaaah! Stressss!!!

Dear (insert your name here),

How are you my dear friend? I hope you are well and happy. Me? I’m happy but not happy at the same time. Why so complicated you ask? (Insert your name here), if life isn’t complicated, it’s not life as you kno it. Life is not simple. We ain’t Forrest Gump. Maybe we should be more like Mr Gump. Pretend that life is a box of chocolate. But if life is like a box of chocolate, then I kno what I’m gonna get. Bittersweet, since I only eat bittersweet chocolate.

Anyhoo, I’m writing to you dear (insert your name again), to let you kno that I’m a bit stressed out today. Nothing particular. I just generally stressed. Is there such thing? Whatever. Who cares.

Well then my friend. I’m all done venting. Thanks for lending me your ears. Or eyes… Let’s just say thanks for you time. Can’t wait to hear from you soon! Take care.

xox: Naziah Nawawie


2 thoughts on “Aaaaaah! Stressss!!!

  1. kadangkala, kita perlu memperlahankan langkah yang kita rasa “itu adalah normal pace saya”. one thing at a time. ambik sikit masa to sit back and “review” your life flow. prioritize. why am i talking so much on this? easy, i’m in the very same condition as you (read:stress), as i’m jotting this piece.
    sabar. take care.

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