Why is it a big deal?

I, as a mother of 3 is rolling my eyes every time the news mentions Beyonce giving birth. People give birth all over the world it is no big deal!!! Geezzzzzzzz….

I’m not jealous of all the attention she’s getting. I mean, she’s Beyonce! But when motherhood is being given such a big deal (i.e.: the whole floor of the hospital is closed, no cctv on, no mobile camera to protect the moment), dude, it’s a baby. Not a nuclear weapon. I understand their needs to have their personal moment. Like that, give birth at home. You have all the money in the world, get the best doctors/equipments whatever that is essential during childbirth, just get it in your house. My God! What if there’s shortage of room in the hospital and a patient needs a room but can’t get a room because you close a whole floor for yourself. I call that selfish!

So to Beyonce and Jay-Z, joy joy and congrats for the arrival of your daughter (I also don’t understand why people kept saying Beyonce was not pregnant and it was just to cover up the surrogate. Then again, why all the fuss of covering the birth up if it’s your child? Heheheh). But women around the world give birth all the time. Kudos to every single one of them too!!!

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