Very very very mild depression

Dearest (insert your name here),

How are you today? Are you busy watching the Golden Globes Award? I forgot the Globes is today so I happily sent off my kid to school and stayed in the office with the second one in towed. No worries. There’ll be 20 repeats this week on Astro.

Remember my last letter to you telling you all about me being stressed out? Yes, that one. The stress continued and the bitter feeling of guilt and anger began to rise. I was feeling guilty every single time I leave my children at home (even for groceries) and my temper was shorter than any micro minis (or as we affectionally call it; ‘stp’). I got annoyed and irritated to almost everything. My psoriasis is flaring up again due to stress.  It was really unhealthy. I realized there’s something wrong with me. I opened my Physiological Psychology textbook and the internet to check what kind of ‘hormone imbalance’ I’m up against. It was definitely not Post-Partum but it was something.

I kno it’s not right to diagnose yourself, but I didn’t want to admit that I have the problem to a doctor. After a lot of readings and research (2 pages of my textbook and a few websites), I have concluded that I suffer a very mild depression. I’m not gonna go into details but admitting to myself that I have Depression makes me feel better. Not a whole lot better but a little bit. At least I am not in denial, right? So what’s the plan to battle this thing? No Prozac or Zoloft. Just plain old natural remedies. Apparently St John’s Wort and Gingko Biloba is good to alleviate symptoms of Depression. Got those from GNC and today is the second day I’m on both of it. So far so good my friend. A little bit sleepy (because St John’s Wort is a relaxant and tend to help you sleep better but it’s NOT a sleeping pill).

I think most women, especially mothers suffers from mild Depression but doesn’t realize it. It’s not the end of the road. If you feel that you have my symptoms (guilt, tired, angry, stress… etc), try taking these herbs. So far I haven’t found any allergy issues but just in case, ask the pharmacist or your doctor about it first. And also, always remember that no matter what, praying helps soothes the soul.

I hope you don’t look at me in a weird kind of crazylady way, (insert your name here). I’m still me, with a little more flaws than before. Will you still be my friend? I hope you will.

xox: NN

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