A friend in need

I usually don’t bother about this kind of stuff but this time around, I want everyone to look at themselves before saying anything about others (especially those who you don’t kno at all).

Isu panas Hattan bercerai akibat gambar ‘panas’ Farah jadi topik kebanyakan blog-blog artis Malaysia. I’ve known her for quite some time and are good friends with her. We tend to criticize without actually knowing the person, so let me tell you what kind of person she is;

  • First and foremost she is a mother of 2.
  • Secondly, she is a businesswoman.
  • Third and most important fact is that she is just human.

Everyone makes mistakes. Especially when we were young and careless. We tend to experiment with life and learn from our experiences and mistakes. I don’t know whether she did or did not have any abortion. If really she berhutang, I hope she settles it. But for everyone to judge her, it is unfair. Look around you. How many of your Muslim friends are living the life of a Martyr? 1? 2? How many Muslim friends you know, who goes out partying and ends up drunk by the call of Subuh? If you see all these orang kaya-kaya punya magazines (not gonna name anything particular but you get what I mean), photos speaks a thousand words. Celebrities, royalties, datuks and datins who enjoy going for Champagne parties, wearing what only can be described as secebis kain perca. How come nobody is saying anything about it? Hattan pun pernah muda, bukannya macam dia 100% perfect. Sekiranya gambar panas atau email yang di hantar tu adalah penyebab perceraian mereka, bukan sepatutnya Hattan yang lebih matang dan lebih berpengetahuan agama ini mendidik isteri? Instead, he took the easy way out? Astagfirullah…

I’m not defending my friend here. I just want people to judge her fairly. Not everyone likes her, of course. Nobody likes people who are doing better than the rest of us. But she works her ass off to bring up her children. She was very young when she became a single parent and she went thru hell to make sure her children gets the best in life. I kno most of you would say, ‘of course you say she’s nice because she’s your friend’. My answer is, ‘you can bet your life if you are my friend, I would do the same thing for you too’.

So to all my friends out there, think before you leap. Make sure, if you want to experience the wild side of life, you won’t regret the consequences later. Allah is Allmighty and when He decides to teach you a lesson, just remember it is on you.


p/s: Please don’t put any unnecessary comments about this. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.


2 thoughts on “A friend in need

  1. Zie, I’m sooo touched!! Truly understand why u put this up. I once did d same.. but d minority who backstabbed me once upon a time, they’ve got wat they deserve and currently wanna befriend me again.. sorry lah.. once bitten mmg takkan nak pusing balik.. 😉


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