Dear Telekom People

Went to Telekom last month to cancel my Streamyx since I rarely use internet at home. And today I got my bill for a whopping RM300++!

First and foremost, dear Telekom people, I asked whether I’ll get penalized or not for the cancellation. Your staff said, ‘NO PENALTY BECAUSE YOUR CONTRACT IS DONE ALREADY’. Next I see an alarming amount for what I can only assume is the cancellation penalty that you told me I didn’t have to pay. Called 100 at 8.30am, spoke to a service officer who put me on hold for almost 6 minutes. Luckily she was polite and apologized for putting me on hold but please keep in your mind, dear Telekom people, even with the politeness and all, customers do not like to be put on hold for soooooo long. She confirmed that it is for the penalty charge but also agree that I shouldn’t be paying for it. She nicely told me she will escalate this but for the time being I need to pay to avoid interruptions. WHY THE FARK DO I NEED TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY AT THE FIRST PLACE? But then, she calmly told me that I don’t need to pay for it and just pay for whatever usage that was in the bill. I asked her to check my outstanding and found that I have NO OUTSTANDING since I always overpay my bill. Now. dear Telekom people, since you owe me a little bit of money, I hope you don’t cause any interruptions for my home line. I need to have it available because my children are at home most of the time and if there’s any need for me to check on them, it’s easier. Why don’t I call my maid’s mobile you ask? Because I don’t allow her to open her mobile until 7pm at night to avoid any interruptions when she’s doing her work. Key word of the day: INTERRUPTIONS. So dear telekom people, if you don’t want to lose customers, please be extra careful when you ask people for money that they don’t owe you.


5 thoughts on “Dear Telekom People

  1. Zie, aritu kwn aku da kena. Lain punya line soh disconnect, lain yg dorg terminate. haywired!! Caused so much trouble. Lucky us we are working in the same building as them so mmg kena kaw2 la dgn kami.. lucky her coz her sister got connection with ppl in Telekom so agak cepat la recover but still.. it took them a week to settle things out.


  2. yew is rawk! i have same experience. bill was negative, but when i closed the account, they contacted me few months later saying we owed them. i think i had a couple more screaming matches with them through the phone after that.
    i have a feeling they’ll be back.
    when it comes to collecting, they’re faaaassst. if refunding, they’d make u wait a whole year if they can.

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