American Idol 11 – Top 12+1 Dudes

I must say, that this year holds the most professional and talented singers of all. Crazy good singers who deserves to be in the top 13. I hope America choose the one that can actually sing. Not just because they like ’em personality! So here goes my review for the night:

Reed Grimm: He’s cute and talented. But I hate it how they kept comparing him to Casey. I kno that they are trying to say Reed’s unique. Dude, ‘unique’ didn’t work last year and Casey’s waaaaaaaayyyyy better than Reed. Anyways, I llike his rendition of Move Like Jagger but let’s just pretend that I have one vote to use, I won’t use it on him. If America likes him, he’ll be going through. I give him a B for his performance tonight.

Adam Brock: White chocolate can sing! Emo bro knos how to work the crowd. Then again, there’s only 5 places for the boys to go through. It’s a tough one this season. I give Adam an B+ for his vocals.

Deandre Brackensick: Oh baby baby baby… This ain’t your prom school concert. This is the big league! I have a problem with his sing choice. Too safe. But the beautiful boy can sing. Vocally, I’ll give him a B. Not enough to win America’s vote me thinks.

Colton Dixon: I’m not a fan of Paramore but this guy is so good. He performs like a pro. He got the face and style grooving that kind of song as well. Eventhough he doesn’t have the singing voice like Adam or Joshua, he’s going to be in the top 13. The tweens will be voting for him. I give him a B+.

Jeremy Rosado: Jer-bear is fantastic. The only problem is, whether he’s good enough for people to remember him. I love his performance. I really think he deserves to be in the top 13, but I think America won’t keep him in. Jer-bear, I give an A for that excellent voice of yours.

Aaron Marcellus: As I said, too many good singers so they have to not only be a good singer, but good enough to make people remember. This dude ain’t gonna make the cut. He’s a good singer but his performance was too normal. Vocally, he’s a B+.

Chase Likens: He does look like Brandon Fraser. Too bad I’m not giving my non existent vote to any country crooner this year. Nonetheless, he’s a good country singer. A B+ from me.

Creighton Fraker: Okay America… If you want to vote for something unique, go for Creighton. He’s unique. He looks like a cross between Justin Timberlake and Phil Collins. Love his crazy eyewear! And his performance was excellent. An A for Mr Fraker!

Phil Phillips: If I were that age, I want him to be my boyfriend. He’s cute, he plays the guitar… He’s another unique performer. Vocally he’s better than some but  not versatile enough. But I’ll give him a B+ for his cool rendition of ‘In The Air Tonight’.

Eben Franckewitz: We already have one Bieber, so I don’t need another clone. I didn’t think he deserved the last place. It should be David Leathers Jr. A C+ from me for that weak performance.

Heejun Han: Doesn’t matter if he sings like an angel. You think America would vote for him to be their AMERICAN IDOL? If Casey or Adam Lambert couldn’t win the title, what makes you think this quickmouth Asian could? I kno people would be angry with my comment but face it. He’s one of the best singer in this season. I hope America sees that. He will not win (Joshua will), but at least he should finish top 5. I give his performance an A.

Joshua Ledet: This is a singing competition. Joshua sings excellently well. Joshua should win this singing competition. A++ from me!

Jermaine Jones: With all the tears, he’s back! Sang well but nothing seems to be good enough after Joshua’s performance. I’ll give him a B+ for that safe performance.

So who’s going through?

My pick: Joshua, Heejun, Colton, Phil, and Creighton

I think America would choose otherwise.


Slapped Cheek Disease

Also known as the ‘Fifth Disease’.

Yes friends… This is actually a common viral disease. As common as measles or chicken pox. Very common for pre-schoolers and up to 15 years old. Why I kno this? Because Khadeeja caught it in school and now I’m officially a Tabib!

Symptoms? The cheek turns so red as if they got slapped. Funny thing is, when people saw her, everyone said ‘ooooh! she got rosy cheek!’. Didn’t realize it was a disease until she got fever. According to my readings and me asking questions to every possible Paed friend, no antibiotics required for this particular sickness. Antibiotics only needed if they have someting else (like cough) which will prolong the sickness. Treatment is as normal fever.

As mild as this disease sound, I also found out that it is not good for pregnant ladies to be around the disease. In a few forums, about 35% confirmed they lost their pregnancies due to this disease. The problem is, the incubation stage or the most contagious stage is actually BEFORE the cheek turns red. Once the cheek is red and the lacy rash comes, it’s non-contagious already.

It took almost 10 days for the redness to clear away from Khadeeja. It could go up to 40 days from what I’ve read. During those time, just make sure the child eats and drinks a lot of water.

After Khadeeja, I was sick. Not from SCD, but from tonsilitis. This is the second time I caught fever in a matter of 2 months. Another fever, and I think I’m gonna take out my tonsils. Tried fighting the fever naturally but failed. Got a jab of antibiotics and wal-lah! But as soon as I was well enough not to whine from sakit badan, Ameena went fever and vomit fiesta on us. She was vomitting out her phlegm so I wasn’t that worry until the fever went crazy. A failed tabib, brought her to the doctor, got a jab and she is fine now. Thought that this was over? Maryam had fever last night. Nak menyedapkan hati, ‘maybe she fever because she nak naik umur and nak berjalan’… This morning she’s ok with no fever. Hopefully she’ll be fine tonight. According to the Paed, children’s body temp usually high in the evening and at night. I’m getting used to the sleep-no sleep pattern these 2 weeks already, that I’m happy if I could get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And today, after a week of not going to the office, I’m back to my usual routine. With eyes half open (see how optimist I am? I say ‘open’ not ‘closed’… Heehehehe), will try to finish up work, do my groceries, fetch my child from school… etc… I salute those mothers without extra help at home. I don’t kno how you do it but you all should get a trophy or something!

Have a nice Monday ya’ll!


p/s: stay tune for American Idol reviews this week….

No shame at all!

Ceritanya begini…

Pada suatu pagi Isnin, yakni pagi ni lah, saya di dalam perjalanan menghantar anak ke sekolah. Hari ini saya bertuah sedikit sebab sang suami tolong drive kan kami ke sekolah/ofis. Saya sudah LAMA tidak mendengar radio. Kebiasaannya saya cuma mendengar CD atau iPod saya di dalam kereta sendiri. Ni dah tumpang kereta orang, dengar lah celoteh pagi FBI di radio. Lawak jugak. Topik pagi ni pulak; ALASAN TAK MASUK AKAL YANG SENTIASA DIGUNAKAN. Ada beberapa pendengar menghantar email dan menelefon terus ke konti mengenai topik berkenaan. Tapi ada satu pendengar yang menghantar alasan nya melalui email yang membuatkan saya rasa nak cari pendengar tersebut dan membakar dia hidup-hidup. berikut adalah al-kisahnya;

Saya menelefon pakwe saya tapi terkantoi dengan ISTERINYA. Jadi bila di tanya oleh ISTERI PAKWE SAYA, saya kata ‘Saya dapat nombor ni dalam telefon suami saya. Cuma nak tanya kat kawan dia ni kalau-kalau suami saya ada perempuan lain’…

Gampang nama nya ni orang… GAMPANG!

Zaman sekarang, cerita dia bersama suami orang pun berani kasi keluar radio. Apa mau jadi? Saya rasa tidak elok digalakkan. Memang perempuan lagi ramai dari lelaki tapi jangan lah sampai macam ni sekali. Ada cara yang lagi baik kalau nak hidup bermadu. Asalkan ada persefahaman antara suami, isteri dan madu, no problem. Tapi kalau main sembunyi-sembunyi ada perempuan lain tu tak bagus.  Gampang nama nya ni orang… GAMPANG!

Moral of the story: kalau bercinta dengan laki orang tanpa restu isteri, diam je lah. Tak payah kasi announce dalam radio.


p/s: Emosi sikit pagi ni. Saya TIDAK SETUJU akan hal-hal mencuri laki orang ni.

Rest In Peace(?)

Other than the topic of the early demise of Whitney Houston, the topic of ‘RIP’ suddenly risen as well.

I was not happy when I saw a few updates on social network sites regarding this issue. Of course I was angry. It’s because I say ‘RIP’ all the time. Lumrah manusia, kalau diperbetulkan benda yang dibuat, maka dengan itu melentinglah kita because nobody likes to be corrected. Lumrah manusia…

After doing a little bit of reading and research I found a few good blogs explaining kenapa sebagai umat Islam, kita dilarang menyebut ‘RIP’. Seperti yang sedia umum, di dalam ajaran setiap agama, apa yang bertentangan dengan konsep agama itu sendiri di ambil kira sebagai larangan. Sebagai umat Islam, kita yakin bahawa setiap ibadat dan kelakuan ada balasan. Oleh yang demikian, balasan di alam barzakh bagi setiap manusia berbeza-beza mengikut ibadat dan kelakuan kita semasa hidup. Wallahualam. Hanya Allah yang tahu apa balasan setiap manusia di bumi ini.

I’m not going to explain further as to why we can or cannot say ‘RIP’. For me, personally, semuanya bergantung kepada niat. Selama saya mengucapkan ‘RIP’, tidak lah pulak saya rasa akidah saya terganggu. Tetapi, sememangnya mengucapkan ‘RIP’ itu di larang dalam Islam, maka dengan ini, saya pasti akan cuba untuk tidak tersasul lagi. Cuma nya, saya kurang bersetuju sekiranya perkara-perkara seperti ini di bincangkan di dalam FB atau Twitter. Sensitivy is a must. Tengok kiri kanan (atau friends list anda) sebelum buat apa-apa statement yang mungkin boleh menyinggung perasaan. We live in a multi-racial community. Seperti yang saya selalu ingatkan kepada semua, Islam itu indah, bukan susah!

To quote a good Sirah Nabi from a blog;

Dalam sirah nabi, diriwayatkan Rasulullah pernah berdiri memberi penghormatan ke atas satu mayat yg sedang di bawa di bawa oleh warisnya. Sahabat lantas memaklumkan kdp Rasulullah bahawa yang dibawa itu adalah mayat yahudi & mengapa Rasulullah bangun memberi penghormatan ke atasnya? Maka, jawab baginda ; apabila mati satu nyawa yg tinggal adalah badan yg sama sahaja dengan yang mayat yg lain. Mungkin, pengaran yg boleh diambil daripada peristiwa ini adalah ; ✗ salah untuk kita memperlihatkan rasa hotmat kpd keluarga & simati bukan Islam tetapi ada cara & dijaga batas-batasnya.

I hope we learn something today and pass it down to our children so that they kno not to repeat our mistake.



Labor of love

Am doing a quilt for my Highness, Queen Mom. This is a very belated quilt that I’m supposed to do last year. Now my problem is that I don’t have a nice fabric combination to finish it up. Must checkout ebay to get more colors. Once done I’ll put it up.


The little joker is 3

She was born after a few rounds of Guitar hero and drum hero. The easiest and fastest birth ever. She sings, she beat her sister, she’s funny, she’s my right hand person, she’s my chihiro, she’s my heart & soul, she’s MINE…
Happy 3rd Birthday Meena chan!