Slapped Cheek Disease

Also known as the ‘Fifth Disease’.

Yes friends… This is actually a common viral disease. As common as measles or chicken pox. Very common for pre-schoolers and up to 15 years old. Why I kno this? Because Khadeeja caught it in school and now I’m officially a Tabib!

Symptoms? The cheek turns so red as if they got slapped. Funny thing is, when people saw her, everyone said ‘ooooh! she got rosy cheek!’. Didn’t realize it was a disease until she got fever. According to my readings and me asking questions to every possible Paed friend, no antibiotics required for this particular sickness. Antibiotics only needed if they have someting else (like cough) which will prolong the sickness. Treatment is as normal fever.

As mild as this disease sound, I also found out that it is not good for pregnant ladies to be around the disease. In a few forums, about 35% confirmed they lost their pregnancies due to this disease. The problem is, the incubation stage or the most contagious stage is actually BEFORE the cheek turns red. Once the cheek is red and the lacy rash comes, it’s non-contagious already.

It took almost 10 days for the redness to clear away from Khadeeja. It could go up to 40 days from what I’ve read. During those time, just make sure the child eats and drinks a lot of water.

After Khadeeja, I was sick. Not from SCD, but from tonsilitis. This is the second time I caught fever in a matter of 2 months. Another fever, and I think I’m gonna take out my tonsils. Tried fighting the fever naturally but failed. Got a jab of antibiotics and wal-lah! But as soon as I was well enough not to whine from sakit badan, Ameena went fever and vomit fiesta on us. She was vomitting out her phlegm so I wasn’t that worry until the fever went crazy. A failed tabib, brought her to the doctor, got a jab and she is fine now. Thought that this was over? Maryam had fever last night. Nak menyedapkan hati, ‘maybe she fever because she nak naik umur and nak berjalan’… This morning she’s ok with no fever. Hopefully she’ll be fine tonight. According to the Paed, children’s body temp usually high in the evening and at night. I’m getting used to the sleep-no sleep pattern these 2 weeks already, that I’m happy if I could get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And today, after a week of not going to the office, I’m back to my usual routine. With eyes half open (see how optimist I am? I say ‘open’ not ‘closed’… Heehehehe), will try to finish up work, do my groceries, fetch my child from school… etc… I salute those mothers without extra help at home. I don’t kno how you do it but you all should get a trophy or something!

Have a nice Monday ya’ll!


p/s: stay tune for American Idol reviews this week….

2 thoughts on “Slapped Cheek Disease

  1. good info..must watch out lah from now on…kids are battling with flu yg on-off then comes fever (esp hariz..and same like u bcoz of his tonsils la jgk…thinking of removing his tonsils oso..)

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