Top 9 – American Idol 11

Apologies for no review last week. i’m in front of the tv by 5.45pm today. Just for you AI crazies, here’s my reviews:

Colton: He’s very current singer. I can imagine him having an album already. This performance, I’m not jumping on my feet. It’s good but the original singer sang the song great. Nonetheless, Colton is safe this week. The girls must be swooning and writing love letters to him by now.

Skylar: My youngest girl seem to enjoy the performance. She’s dancing away to Skylar’s performance. I actually think she did well tonight. I think it’s the song. Great choice of song tonight. Good for you girl!

Heejun: Saranghae Heejun ya… I hope America gives him another chance. Superb! I love you (not as much as I love Phil tho)..

Hollie: She’s so lucky she got the whisper encouragement from the mentors. Everything seems to be important and amazing when it is whispered… Back to Hollie, I feel like she’s trying too much by screaming out the song instead of using her naturally powerful voice. She might be in trouble.

Deandre: Apart from the love of my teenage life, Jordan Knight, Deandre seems to have the talent of singing in falsetto. Amazing! Not sure if America loves it though.

Jessica: The performance is so haunting. She seems to be having trouble breathing but then again, who doesn’t. Excellent performance. No doubt about it. Haunting!!!

Phil: MARRY ME PHILLIP! Loved that tiny vein coming out on his forehead when he’s singing hard. Sigh… The smile… Oh the smile… Sigh… The performance? Need not asketh my friends. It’s an A++!

Joshua: *No words*… I’m throwing my hands high up in the air!!!! Give him the title please.

Elise: Girl poweeeerrrrrr!!!!!! That’s how you rock a Zeppelin song sistah! She’s not getting enough love from America. Vote for her people. Yeaaaahhhhh!!! Concert quality performance. She deserves the standing o!!!

I think Hollie might be going home, if not Heejun.

To the boy who broke my heart

Dear (insert your name here),

I thought I would not smile again,

But I thought wrong,

But I thought wrong again,

When I saw a glimpse of you,

But I thought wrong,

And here I sit with a smile on my face,

Remembering how I broke my own heart,

When I thought you broke it,

But I thought wrong,

So I hope you are living well,

I hope you remember me,

I hope I would forgive myself,

For breaking my own heart,

So to the boy who broke my heart,

You did not break my heart,

I did.

xox: NN

p/s: Please CREDIT me if you want to use this ORIGINAL POEM. 🙂

Is that child sick?

That was my question to Khadeeja’s teachers this morning when I noticed one of the student looked unwell. I told the teachers if there’s a sick child in school, I’d like to bring Khadeeja home because I don’t want her to catch any more sickness from school. Yes, I’m being impossible but DO YOU KNOW HOW HEARTBREAKING AND TIRING IT IS TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN GET SICK??? So, back to the story this morning, found out that the girl just came back from a surgery. WTF?! Why la you send your child to school when she’s still recovering? A child after surgery needs to rest at home, not send her to school. Sigh… I hope that girl is fine. She didn’t look good when her mom dropped her off this morning.

Moral of the story; please please pleaseeeee don’t send your sick child to school. She or he might be fine, but the sickness will spread to other children, who will then bring it home to the other children. Of course we can’t control sicknesses. If it happens, it happens but when we can avoid it, do it! Suggestions:

  • I kno most parents work and have to send their children off to nursery or pre-school but when you child is sick, you DO NOT hand them over to the nursery/school to be taken care off. When I was working, I took UNPAID LEAVES to take care of my girls when they were sick.
  • Teachers need to be extra alert. Before the parents leave, make sure the kids are healthy. I suggest all nursery and pre-school take the children’s temperature before allowing them to enter class. This process is being used by Tumble Tots and I applaud it. Children below 5 tend to catch the sniffles or fever from nursery/school.
  • Nursery/pre-school owners, the next time you decide to let a child with chicken pox in your school, I will suggest that the parents of other children who caught the sickness to send you their medical bills. Be extra vigilant when you handle children.

I heard from a friend that one of the taska in KK (Taska Medix) is very strict with parents sending their sick kids to the nursery. I hope the rest of the pre-school and nursery owners have this kind of discipline as well. It ain’t easy taking care of sick children, even if it’s just a fever, because when your babies have fever, we mothers don’t get to sleep and go to work. You kno how long it took my girls to recover from all those viral fever that Khadeeja caught from school? Almost 5 weeks. So you do the math of how many sleepless nights I had.

I’m not apologizing for my angry rant today. If you want to jeopardize your kid, you do it! Don’t jeopardize mine!!!


Top 12 minus 1 – Season 11

Well, Jermaine the gentle giant is indeed a gentle info withholder. So off with his head and here’s my late review.

Phil – Be my boyfriend will ya?! So natural. Very energetic for someone who just had surgery. Awesome dude!

Jessica – I think the song is not famous enough for me to like. Nonetheless, miss J can sing anything. 16??! Whaaat?!

Hee Jun – Me no likey the song selection. Shaky. But he is adorable. Funny boy got a girl… Awww…

Elise – Superb! Love the voice. Excellent!!

DeAndre – His expression says it all. It’s like he’s forced to sing the song. But still, I like his version. Very soft and intimate.

Shannon – Of all the songs… Sigh… Overconfident. That’s why she’s out this week (spoiler to those who still don’t kno).

Colton – Colton being Colton singing another Colton type song. Not impressed. Good, but meh!

EVP – She performs like a pro. Bryan Adams is like my ultimate secret crush (ain’t so secret anymore eh?!). She did ok. I just feel like the arrangement has got no climax.

Skylar – She should’ve listened to Jimmy and sir William. Don’t get me wrong. She can sing. But she needs to sing the right song to win the vote.

Joshua – Yeah baby! It was like a finale winning performance!!! Was it too good too soon? How will he top that performance next week? The child is blessed with good pipes ya’ll!

Hollie – Tinkerbell’s blowing my mind with THE big song. Tiny girl taking on Celine’s singbook is crazy! She looks like Kirstin Stewart or my eyes playing tricks?

Summary: most of them sang the wrong song but most of them did pretty well.

Cintaku Setahun

Cinta, akan ku berikan bagi hatimu yang damai
Cintaku, gelora asmara seindah lembayung senja
Tiada, ada yang kuasa melebihi indahnya nikmat bercinta…

Happy 1st birthday cinta!


Top 13 AI Season 11

Big big heavy burden tonight. Stevie and Whitney as their first assignment. So unfair… Anyways, here’s my review;

Joshua: A little bit screechy for me. We all know he can sing. He’s safe this week. America’s not stupid enough to kick him out now.

Elise: She needs to chillax. But I guess when you have to sing a Whitney, you should be nervous like shit! Safe for now for me.

Jermaine: Errr… Karaoke much? I don’t expect much from Jermaine. He’s a singer, but not a performer.

Erika: I’m torn. My right ear says yeay, my left ear says nay. But I’m glad the judges brought ger back. She deserves another chance.

Colton: My favorite Stevie song. Didn’t like the first half. Second half not bad.

Shannon: Of all the songs, she choose one of the hardest song to sing. Only a few could hit that ‘one more door’ note. Ain’t pretty baby when you can’t sing it well.

Deandre: I love this beautiful boy. He’s a seasoned performer. Some of the contestant needs to learn from him. But I think not a lot of people might appreciate him changing a Stevie song to raggae.

Skylar: Good! Didn’t expect her to sing Whitney that well.

Hee Jun: Goosie!!! With or without his humor, he will be in the competition at least until top 5.

Hollie: Impressive… I couldn’t remember her name until today. It was an A+ for me.

Jeremy: I’m biased. I’m like JLo. I love his voice. But I think he’ll be in the bottom 3.

Jessica: A+++++++++! If I may say so, better than J Hudson.

Phil: That was a Phil P concert we just saw on stage. Just give him a bloody album deal already!

My bottom 3: Elise,Shannon & Jeremy
Most probably Elise or Jeremy is going home.
Best performance? A tie between a great vocal and an excellent performance. Me think me will remember Phil’s performance more.

American Idol – Top 12 Ladies

Not gonna review the ladies.

I didn’t get to watch all of their performances but I’m pretty sure one of the boys (his name starts with a P and rhymes with Will) will win this season again.

Can’t wait to see their performances this week!



Moby Wrap for sale

Pre-loved Moby Wrap for sale. It’s lavender.
To those who aren’t familiar with Moby wrap. It’s about 6 to 8 meter long. Material is cotton spandex. Not that hard to use. Babies love them because it keeps them close to their mommies.
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