Top 13 AI Season 11

Big big heavy burden tonight. Stevie and Whitney as their first assignment. So unfair… Anyways, here’s my review;

Joshua: A little bit screechy for me. We all know he can sing. He’s safe this week. America’s not stupid enough to kick him out now.

Elise: She needs to chillax. But I guess when you have to sing a Whitney, you should be nervous like shit! Safe for now for me.

Jermaine: Errr… Karaoke much? I don’t expect much from Jermaine. He’s a singer, but not a performer.

Erika: I’m torn. My right ear says yeay, my left ear says nay. But I’m glad the judges brought ger back. She deserves another chance.

Colton: My favorite Stevie song. Didn’t like the first half. Second half not bad.

Shannon: Of all the songs, she choose one of the hardest song to sing. Only a few could hit that ‘one more door’ note. Ain’t pretty baby when you can’t sing it well.

Deandre: I love this beautiful boy. He’s a seasoned performer. Some of the contestant needs to learn from him. But I think not a lot of people might appreciate him changing a Stevie song to raggae.

Skylar: Good! Didn’t expect her to sing Whitney that well.

Hee Jun: Goosie!!! With or without his humor, he will be in the competition at least until top 5.

Hollie: Impressive… I couldn’t remember her name until today. It was an A+ for me.

Jeremy: I’m biased. I’m like JLo. I love his voice. But I think he’ll be in the bottom 3.

Jessica: A+++++++++! If I may say so, better than J Hudson.

Phil: That was a Phil P concert we just saw on stage. Just give him a bloody album deal already!

My bottom 3: Elise,Shannon & Jeremy
Most probably Elise or Jeremy is going home.
Best performance? A tie between a great vocal and an excellent performance. Me think me will remember Phil’s performance more.

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