Top 12 minus 1 – Season 11

Well, Jermaine the gentle giant is indeed a gentle info withholder. So off with his head and here’s my late review.

Phil – Be my boyfriend will ya?! So natural. Very energetic for someone who just had surgery. Awesome dude!

Jessica – I think the song is not famous enough for me to like. Nonetheless, miss J can sing anything. 16??! Whaaat?!

Hee Jun – Me no likey the song selection. Shaky. But he is adorable. Funny boy got a girl… Awww…

Elise – Superb! Love the voice. Excellent!!

DeAndre – His expression says it all. It’s like he’s forced to sing the song. But still, I like his version. Very soft and intimate.

Shannon – Of all the songs… Sigh… Overconfident. That’s why she’s out this week (spoiler to those who still don’t kno).

Colton – Colton being Colton singing another Colton type song. Not impressed. Good, but meh!

EVP – She performs like a pro. Bryan Adams is like my ultimate secret crush (ain’t so secret anymore eh?!). She did ok. I just feel like the arrangement has got no climax.

Skylar – She should’ve listened to Jimmy and sir William. Don’t get me wrong. She can sing. But she needs to sing the right song to win the vote.

Joshua – Yeah baby! It was like a finale winning performance!!! Was it too good too soon? How will he top that performance next week? The child is blessed with good pipes ya’ll!

Hollie – Tinkerbell’s blowing my mind with THE big song. Tiny girl taking on Celine’s singbook is crazy! She looks like Kirstin Stewart or my eyes playing tricks?

Summary: most of them sang the wrong song but most of them did pretty well.

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