Is that child sick?

That was my question to Khadeeja’s teachers this morning when I noticed one of the student looked unwell. I told the teachers if there’s a sick child in school, I’d like to bring Khadeeja home because I don’t want her to catch any more sickness from school. Yes, I’m being impossible but DO YOU KNOW HOW HEARTBREAKING AND TIRING IT IS TO SEE YOUR CHILDREN GET SICK??? So, back to the story this morning, found out that the girl just came back from a surgery. WTF?! Why la you send your child to school when she’s still recovering? A child after surgery needs to rest at home, not send her to school. Sigh… I hope that girl is fine. She didn’t look good when her mom dropped her off this morning.

Moral of the story; please please pleaseeeee don’t send your sick child to school. She or he might be fine, but the sickness will spread to other children, who will then bring it home to the other children. Of course we can’t control sicknesses. If it happens, it happens but when we can avoid it, do it! Suggestions:

  • I kno most parents work and have to send their children off to nursery or pre-school but when you child is sick, you DO NOT hand them over to the nursery/school to be taken care off. When I was working, I took UNPAID LEAVES to take care of my girls when they were sick.
  • Teachers need to be extra alert. Before the parents leave, make sure the kids are healthy. I suggest all nursery and pre-school take the children’s temperature before allowing them to enter class. This process is being used by Tumble Tots and I applaud it. Children below 5 tend to catch the sniffles or fever from nursery/school.
  • Nursery/pre-school owners, the next time you decide to let a child with chicken pox in your school, I will suggest that the parents of other children who caught the sickness to send you their medical bills. Be extra vigilant when you handle children.

I heard from a friend that one of the taska in KK (Taska Medix) is very strict with parents sending their sick kids to the nursery. I hope the rest of the pre-school and nursery owners have this kind of discipline as well. It ain’t easy taking care of sick children, even if it’s just a fever, because when your babies have fever, we mothers don’t get to sleep and go to work. You kno how long it took my girls to recover from all those viral fever that Khadeeja caught from school? Almost 5 weeks. So you do the math of how many sleepless nights I had.

I’m not apologizing for my angry rant today. If you want to jeopardize your kid, you do it! Don’t jeopardize mine!!!


4 thoughts on “Is that child sick?

    • Ya bah… Ngam2 tu dia di depan pintu time aku mengantar si Kadeeja. So aku tunggu mau tgk dia mengexplain sama teachers yg anaknya ndak sihat. I wanted to see if the teachers ni suruh dia balik or wat. Sudah ku tgk ndak di bawa nya anak nya balik, keluar balik aku dari kereta menanya teacher si Kadeeja if the girl is sick, mau balik si Kadeeja. Kasian tu anak. Nampak lemah lagi suda di hantar ke skool.

  1. mun@aboo says:

    Hi Naziah..

    Ku paham perasaan mu. Taska kat opis aku ni the staff akan ambik budak2 punya temperature before masuk dlm, depan parents.. kalau teruk sgt demam nya sila la balik… they do body check as well. hehehe.. they are strict sebab last year taska kena tutup 2 weeks sebab 1/2 of the taska kids kena chicken pox – ada selfish parents yg hantar anaknya ke taska masa the dots dah kering, katanya dah baik.. halloooo time tu la time berjangkit kan.. early this month my boy kena HFMD. aku terus pull him out from taska, n quarantine kat rumah for 10 days (ikut ckp doktor).. even me & laki ku gilir2 cuti.. takpe, rather than taska kena tutup lagi semua org susah.. apa2 pon kita as makpak kena considerate and jaga anak2 sebaik yg boleh kan..


    • Setujuuuu!!! The word is ‘selfish’. Haiyahh! Next time if Kadeeja caught any sakit from school (nauzubillah), aku nak hantar resit bil doktor kat sekolah doa.

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