Top 9 – American Idol 11

Apologies for no review last week. i’m in front of the tv by 5.45pm today. Just for you AI crazies, here’s my reviews:

Colton: He’s very current singer. I can imagine him having an album already. This performance, I’m not jumping on my feet. It’s good but the original singer sang the song great. Nonetheless, Colton is safe this week. The girls must be swooning and writing love letters to him by now.

Skylar: My youngest girl seem to enjoy the performance. She’s dancing away to Skylar’s performance. I actually think she did well tonight. I think it’s the song. Great choice of song tonight. Good for you girl!

Heejun: Saranghae Heejun ya… I hope America gives him another chance. Superb! I love you (not as much as I love Phil tho)..

Hollie: She’s so lucky she got the whisper encouragement from the mentors. Everything seems to be important and amazing when it is whispered… Back to Hollie, I feel like she’s trying too much by screaming out the song instead of using her naturally powerful voice. She might be in trouble.

Deandre: Apart from the love of my teenage life, Jordan Knight, Deandre seems to have the talent of singing in falsetto. Amazing! Not sure if America loves it though.

Jessica: The performance is so haunting. She seems to be having trouble breathing but then again, who doesn’t. Excellent performance. No doubt about it. Haunting!!!

Phil: MARRY ME PHILLIP! Loved that tiny vein coming out on his forehead when he’s singing hard. Sigh… The smile… Oh the smile… Sigh… The performance? Need not asketh my friends. It’s an A++!

Joshua: *No words*… I’m throwing my hands high up in the air!!!! Give him the title please.

Elise: Girl poweeeerrrrrr!!!!!! That’s how you rock a Zeppelin song sistah! She’s not getting enough love from America. Vote for her people. Yeaaaahhhhh!!! Concert quality performance. She deserves the standing o!!!

I think Hollie might be going home, if not Heejun.

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