All the small things!

All the small things that I noticed on my way to send K to school:

  • The car in front of ours was ‘SS1234C’. Mine is ‘SAB5678C’. Heh…
  • I noticed that if you are listening to Aerosmith in your car, you need to turn the volume HIGH to enjoy the music. ROCK ON!!!
  • You DO NOT listen to Flightless Bird, American Mouth or A Thousand Years in the morning. Otherwise, you’ll be swooning for Edward Cullen the whole day (damn! Must watch Twilight today).
  • It’s the second day of April already. Where did March went to?
  • Mirror Mirror is good! Snow White is really beautiful.
  • This is why I love Ellen Degeneres and Julia Roberts:

Have a great week!

xox: NN

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