Top 8 – AI 11

Gwen Stefani is beautiful. And I love you Tony!!!
Anyway, here goes my reviews:

Deandre: Impressive… Didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. It was an A+ for me.

Elise: Wrong song. She sound screechy and nasally at the same time. She might be in trouble. C+ for me.

Phil: My bf not doing very well. Good but not great as usual. He looked nervous and uncomfortable on stage. Just a B for tonight my dear.

Joshua: Since this is a singing competition, please let him win. A++! Wait, what??? Only 19??????

Jessica: I think she’s trying too hard. She can sing but too much Whitney perhaps? B+ with like 2 or 3 points left going to A from me.

Hollie: She’s sooo petite. The performance was okay but not as good as the rest. C-. She’s going home this week.

Colton: This dude is good. He knows his target audience well. I can foresee this song being in his album. He’s gonna be big. An A from me.

Skylar: Great song! Great performance! A+!!

Clearly, Hollie’s going home. 😦

2 thoughts on “Top 8 – AI 11

  1. saya minat si phil tu sebab dia memang groovy!
    however, the only thing that disturbs me about him is that whenever he performs, he reminds me of this great artist I admire called Dave Matthews (of The Dave Matthews Band).
    I think he’s trying to be more like dave.
    just my view on AI this season.

    • yezzah! Dave Matthews… Baru aku perasan… But he’s good. Aku pun suka. Mcm Joshua tu bagus tapi kalau bikin album mesti kurang laku. Nanti yg glamer lepas ni mcm Colton tu.

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