American Idol 2012 Top 7

Seeing that the judges didn’t save poor pretty boy, I’m guessing they know one of these days, either Jessica or Joshua will be voted out. They are the best singers this season but I foresee Phil and Colton in the finale. I dunno why…

Let’s get on with this week’s performances.

Skylar: She’s a good singer. This week she really showed America she’s gonna be a country diva. This week she earns her grade A from me.

Colton: I’m like a broken record. This dude is so current. He knows what his forte is and sticking to it. Another A from me this week.

Combo 1: My bf singing one of the sexiest song I’ve ever heard… Such a good combination of 2 different voices. Love it.

Jessica: Such an accomplished singer and very professional for a girl that age. This week, she’s getting an A++ from me. Bravo!!!

Joshua: My favorite Bruno Mars song! So refreshing for him to sing something other than a ballad. Loving the pink socks. Most probably the hardest song to sing live ever. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. He ain’t gonna get any grade from me. He’s above everyone else in the contest. Amazing.

Combo 2: I pity Colton. It’s like he’s being forced to sing with this country girl. I feel some notes were pitchy but it was ok.

Hollie: Hamaiiiigaaaad! Her shoes!!! I think she’s going home this week. Her performance is good but because the rest are just so much better in terms of singing and their stage persona. Just a B from me.

Phillip: He shouldn’t smile like that. Another great performance from him. The beginning was a little bit boring but it became addictive after the second verse. However, I’m getting bored of his performances. A B+ from me.

Combo 3: Too LOUD for me, if you know what I mean.

Elise: Sometimes I feel she’s a bit too screechy. But most of the times she’s good. I love her raspy voice. For this performance, I’m gicing her a B+.

I seriously don’t know who’ll be in the bottom 3. I think Hollie’s going home but I might be wrong. This is not only a singing competition, it’s also a popularity contest. So either Hollie or Elise. Elise shouldn’t go. 😦



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