Stamps and envelopes

Beautiful stamp from Netherlands!

I’ve been wanting to write about Postcrossing since like a month already but couldn’t get the words right.

I think most of us nowadays don’t frequent the local postoffice anymore. I bet some of our children haven’t even step foot in a postoffice, am I right? No, peeps, it does not mean that we are bad parents. Technology is so advance that the need for a postoffice visit is limited to sending parcels only. Stamps? Why buy stamps when email is free? Well my friends, I’m bringing back stamps and envelopes as a trend this year!

Postcrossing is a FREE project of sending and getting postcards (or letters) from around the world. Some might end up being pen pals and some might end up being in love. All you need to do is register and you are good to receive 5 different addresses for your first ‘homework’. It doesn’t cost anything to register. All you need to buy are the postcards, stamps, and sometimes envelopes. This is a good hobby for those who love getting mails or writing. It’s an excellent training for kids too. My eldest started with only 2 lines (Hello, my name is Khadeeja. I am five years old) to 4 or 5 lines nowadays. It’s amazing progress for a 4 year old kid who just started to learn how to write and read. And their interest won’t stop at writing the postcards only. Designing the postcards is another fun thing to do. My second girl is a pro on freestyling postcard painting.

Flower Garden by Khadeeja, and Tracks by Ameena

So to those who are in need of a hobby, this is a GREAT one. Please do visit Postcrossing for more details on this excellent project.

xox: NN

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