Barnabas Collins

Only Johnny Depp could make such a boring name interesting!

I didn’t expect myself to enjoy the movie like I did. It was full with dry humor, sarcasm and most importantly, great script. The soundtrack is awesome too. My mom always describe me as her ‘hippie’ daughter, so very much true to the description, the 70’s fascinates me. The clothing, the music, the ambience. I love it all.

The cast of the movie is impossible as well. Tim Burton gathered only the best for this movie. Michelle Pfeifer is still sultry despite her old lines showing. The colorful Mrs Burton is impeccable as always. Eva Green is the supreme B (bitchy and beautiful). Awesome!

The story? No spoiler here but let’s just say the whole cinema was laughing frantically from the beginning of it. Johnny Depp as the horny vampire Barnabas Collins is very entertaining. I’ve never seen Mr Depp in this kind of erm, acting yet. I was red on the face at first but as it goes along, it’s the essence of his character which makes the movie interesting.

To summarize, go watch it with those who understand sarcasm best. If you bring an innocent bystander, be prepared to explain a lot of things to them. I give Mr Burton an A for the movie, and I give my horny vampire an A+ for making ‘Barnabas’ sounds sexy. Groovy baby!!!

5th Year

Dearest Love,

Since you can read already, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!

It is Tuesday today, but you were born on a Monday back in 2007.

I will not buy you that Barbie doll you wanted because you will only play with it once. I will get you those cool painting stuff you liked. The least I can do is passed on my brain, beauty and creativity to you… Some uncles and aunties or even your Bapak might disagree but I rule this day because I am the Queen (or at least for today).

So my dearest Love, do take care of yourself. I made you from a scratch and it was not an easy task for me…

Eternal love: Mommy



After 3 years


Dear Haji Hamdan,
We still miss you. I still say ‘kalau Nenek Aji tahu habis lah kita kena marah’. I always tell my daughters about you so that they will remember you too. I hope you get all those Doa from us here. So please be happy and just know that we still miss you, even after 3 years…