I kno.. I kno… It’s been WEEKS right?! No other alasan than being busy with work and kids. Will make do some time to write. Sigh…

Anyway, tajuk ‘kedekut’ pada pagi ini di tujukan kepada diri sendiri. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. Been wanting to spend time alone for a good massage or a back to back movie marathon. But unfortunately, as my sister endearingly cop me as the ‘1%’ person (plan only but never do), I managed to ffk my ownself. Haiyah!!!!

So, I’m supposed to go for a 2 hour massage today at 11am. Let’s just see how that goes…

Also, a big shoutout to my sister, HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY TO YOU! MAY THE BABY IN TUMMY COMES OUT LOOKING LIKE ME. Amiiin!!!

xox: NN

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