Extra sensitivity needed


Have you ever had one of those days when all you wanted was just peace and calmness but your sensitivity radar suddenly hiked up? Even a little comment makes you want to pull someone’s head off? Well my friends, I’m having it today (or this week… PMS alert!).

I’m not asking everyone to be nice to me but a little bit of sensitivity is a must in any occasion. And not just to me, to everyone else as well. Let me give you an example:

After a few years not seeing a friend;

A: Wow! It’s been 5 years since I last saw you. You changed!

B: Of course I’ve changed. It’s been 5 years. Not 5 minutes.


A: It’s been 10 years and you got fat.

B: Yes, yes… I have been eating within that 10 years of not seeing you. I also gave birth to a few kids. So I supposed that’s the real reason for me being fat.

So people, try to avoid the words ‘fat’, ‘healthy’, ‘sihat’, ‘berisi’, ‘tembam’ or anything that could actually make someone feel bad. Must always remember, WE ALL CHANGE AFTER A FEW YEARS. If you are not fat, you have wrinkles. If you don’t have wrinkles, you probably are related to the Kardashians. Moral of the story is, be careful what you say in front of your long lost friends.

Happy Tuesday!!!

xox: NN

p/s: If anyone comment on me being chubby, I’m really gonna say ‘fuck off’ this time around…

2 thoughts on “Extra sensitivity needed

  1. True that! Some people just need to be extra sensitive and think before opening their mouth.

    It has happened to me countless of times and I feel weird and try to avoid that person after they commented on my weight 😦

    • Kan??? Macam la diorang membesar jadi supermodel or superman! And thy actually could blurt it out nonchalantly. Suwey… (excuse da french. Too emosi today. Sigh…)

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