Saying it without SAYING it.

Someone asked me about how to be subtle when it comes to pouring your heart out. Is it possible not to say those words but getting the message across? So I try to remember all those years when I was pursuing love. Not a lot of experience to share but one came out of my mind.

I used to be wondering whether he likes me or not. He NEVER showed any interest but I was already deep in trouble with my heart. I wanted to know, so that I could stop making it obvious if he doesn’t share the same sentiment. I could finally start being his secret admirer. And then came the email… He only wrote 3 lines;

“Tetapi hingga saat ini daku bertahan,

Masihkah kau tak mengerti.

Masihkah kau tak tahu.”

And that was the beginning of my first love story…

I hope all the people who are in love out there find a way to tell the other person how they feel. You don’t want to end up not knowing…

xox: NN

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