It has been a very long while…

Dear (insert your name here),

This might be one of the longest time that I ever wrote anything here. I have a good excuse though. Morning sickness is not something pleasant at all! And instead of me being whiny here as usual, I mostly stayed in bed, cry or sleep all day long. Whatever the reason may be, I’m glad I could write again today.

How have you been? Are you well? Are you happy with your life? Me? I’m coping. I was in pain, and then I was in denial, and then I accepted, and now I’m in my zen-nest mode ever. At least I could eat now. And I don’t cry anymore. And I don’t whine as much as I did with the other 3 pregnancies.

Anyways, If you don’t kno yet, I sold my Ms Read business early this month. I was sad to let it go but I feel lighter as well. No, I’m still a working mother. I still have the restaurant to run. The stress is still the same. Just lesser workload I guess. So yeay me for being able to let go. Remember friends, quitting doesn’t mean that you are a loser. It means that you finally grow up and open your eyes, realizing that if things can’t be saved, the best solution is to let go.

I’ll try to write more soon (keyword TRY). I hope you don’t forget me. I’m still here and I’ll always be here. Until then…

xox: NN