Aidilfitri 2013

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri kepada seluruh umat Islam di mana jua anda berada.

Today is the second day of Syawal and already I feel myself bloated like Aunt Marge (kindly refer to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). I’ve been eating kuih raya non stop since yesterday and been pacifying meself by saying “it’s ok. Breastfeeding mom needs the food to generate more susu.” And after setengah balang of kuih tat, I do the chant again. By the time I tell myself “this is not normal”, kuih tat pun sudah habis satu balang. I love kuih tat and biskut suji. I want to not care about my weight, since I’ve managed to bring it down to below 60kg now, but the more I think about the ‘below 60kg’ part, the more conscious I get about my food intake. Kadang-kadang terlupa pulak yang ada baby nak kena kasi susu. Conclusion? Makan saja lah.

How’s your raya going on so far? Mine, is fun. It’s always fun back here at my in laws. Maybe sebab still rasa suasana kampung. The girls are loving it. Loads of abangs and kakaks to play with. Today we had a lot of visitors. Families came to visit my in laws since my father in law is not feeling very well nowadays. Me, being me, always at awe by this family. They all look so normal. Bukan nak memperkecilkan. “Normal” means they look biasa-biasa only. But then you found out that almost everyone goes to overseas to study and the “normal” dude wearing the red t-shirt next to you is on his way to become a doctor. I guess humbleness is the biggest essence in being successful.

Eventhough I’m enjoying myself here, I do miss my family back in KK. I wonder how they surviving raya without the fun ol’ me.

It’s 9.28pm, the kids are asleep, I might as well get some rest as well. Maaf zahir batin to everyone. Enjoy your raya!

xox: NN

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